Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Should Be Reading.

I've started on Estevan Vega's Arson and though I am only about 70 pages in, I am hooked. His writing style is fantastic- most definitely the superb kind that completely draws me in not to mention the air of mystery already building in this book. I would also love to put a picture up but this computer is being a jerk and not uploading it... but just know that this cover is basically amazing.

"Arson knew better than anyone that love was rarely fair, that just because you wished away a feeling didn't mean it left you. And he was now sure that no matter what she did or could ever do, he had no choice but to remain corruptibly in love with her."

Anyone else see the beauty in his writing and the fantastic implications those two sentences alone have? You do? Good.

Now that I've teased you... what's your teaser?


  1. oh! that is a nice writing style
    'corruptily in love with her' that is beautiful <3

  2. Not heard of this book or author, but I'm going to look for it. Definitely worth taking a look at! I like the "mystery" aspect, though I'm not sure it is one. I'm LISTENING to one, "Panic," by Jeff Abbott, which has drawn me in from the get-go, in terms of "what's going on," and what's going on beneath the surface. Can't do a teaser, because it's an audiobook!

    My book/book is non-fiction, a self-help book called "This Hungry Spirit," by C. Clinton Sidle. He talks about us having two aspects to our natures, a lesser and a greater, and that suffering in our lesser contains the seeds to happiness and success in our greater aspect. You have to work with both aspects to be successful and happy.

    "What we all really want to find is a sense of relevance, purpose, and belonging in our lives, and how well the pursuit of that goes is what gives us greater or lesser happiness. The question of “Who am I, and why am I here?” is the root to all of our pursuits, and the answer it draws can be the source of our deepest resilience."

  3. Beautiful writing...Will wait for your review