Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mini Reviews: Defiance, Rage Inside and What's Left of Me

Defiance by CJ Redwine: I admit it. CJ Redwine is a plotting genius. Defiance has an incredibly intricate plot, and a world that is built so tightly, and so magnificently, it lured me in. Though I had a hard time with the romance in this one, and Logan's voice didn't feel all that authentic to me, the plot kept my interest and had me so invested. This isn't just a girl trying to push back against a society where women really only look pretty, nor is it only about a girl standing on her own two feet. There is a great depth to Rachel that had me hooked. My issues with this one mostly were with Logan, who's character arc didn't feel as strong to me, nor did he stay memorable in the way Rachel did. Despite this, he too had his moments that drew me in.

Rage Inside by Jeyn Roberts: I love this series, from how utterly creepy it is to the depths it holds to the characters. This one takes some really unexpected and gutting turns, and though one particular reveal was predictable, Roberts plays up to it and executes it in a way that will still kick you in the gut. With little things thrown in here or there that truly enhance just how psychologically freaky this book is, and characters who are flawed, who are scared, but who are also fiercely determined to survive, Rage Inside continues to build where Rage Within left off, and builds it so amazingly. The world these books portray are way too easy to imagine becoming reality, and yet Roberts so often keeps the focus on the characters themselves, managing her four focused characters in a seemingly easy manner. While there was one twist right at the end that didn't sit right with me, Rage Inside is still a completely satisfying follow up and has me eager for more.

What's Left of Me by Kat Zhang: This book is so original in a lot of ways, but what made it stand out even more for me was how well executed and how well written it was. There is a lot of beauty and depth to this one, subtle meaning behind so much of the more basic and seemingly straightforward aspects. Addie and Eva have their own sorts of struggles, from how strong they are to what they want and everything in between, and there is something stunning about how Zhang has interplayed this. I loved the plot of this one, even if at times it felt a little slow, but even more so, I loved how focused on Addie and Eva the book remained, even with the outside stuff being thrown at them.

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