Monday, September 14, 2009

About Me

I am a 23 year old, soon to be 24, bibliophile residing in Dallas, TX. A huge part of my free time is spent reading and/or writing. So far, I have only dabbled in the world of fan fiction but only to improve my skills and am now in the stages of planning out a trilogy that will be young adult fantasy. I have the overall idea/outline figured out for the most part and am working on my character sketches and then I will be diving headfirst into book 1.

Right now, I am on a YA book kick and have been in it since about November 2008. I tend to buy books faster than I can read them but keep a steady pace going through them of 2-3 per week. I get down time at work where I read or write, plus my lunch breaks, before bed, in the evenings, etc.

As I finish a book, I will be putting the review up on here, as well as on my Goodreads site (username flaming1325, as is my username for where my Twilight based fanfic can be found).

I also plan to go back and work on reviewing books that I have marked as read on my Goodreads site but have yet to actually do the review and will be importing those into here as well.

My layout idea is coming from a friend of mine, and her great blog can be found at:

For now, that is it but feel free to leave me your questions, comments, concerns. =)

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