Saturday, November 7, 2009

Contest Policy

Contest Policy:

I have already finished two full contests and apologize for not getting this up sooner but I have been following these guidelines already. However I thought it was a good idea to let everyone know right away some important information including rules for my contests as I hope to have many more.

From here on out, I will try to use an online form for all contest entries- it is not only easier for me but also safer for my entrants. No one but me will see your email that way and I will only use the emails to contact winners. Once a contest is over, I will delete the form and spreadsheet- I will never keep information long term.

Each contest will always have the possibility to be a little different then the last, so be sure to read all instructions carefully to get the most out of not only how many entries you might be able to get, but also if there's more to it than just a normal contest.

Winner(s) will be emailed within a day or two of announcing the winner(s). If nothing has been provided for me to contact you... it's up to you to check the blog postings to find out you've won. If after the two day time period is up, and there’s been no contact, another winner(s) will be drawn. If you know you are going to be unavailable when the contest will be over, find a way to give me a heads up. You can always email me regarding this and anything else with my blog at flamingo1325[at]gmail[dot]com. This is also the email you will use to contact me if you are the winner but I will try to always email first.

Be sure to not only keep an eye out for contest deadlines, but follow them. ANY AND ALL entries posted after the deadline date will not count at all in the contest. I also have the right to close a contest sooner than the deadline date listed, or extend it as I see fit. This will depend on changes in my own schedule, number of entrants, and other factors.

In each contest the winner will be chosen by random draw, generally using I most likely will double randomize my list but I will make every effort to outline my specific methods with each contest but it will always be random and out of my hands with no room for bias.

Because of my work schedule, shipment for books coming directly from me will generally be done the Saturday after the contest closes. I apologize for this since most contests will likely end on Sundays, but I just cannot get to the post office during the week unless I use up my entire lunch hour. I will also try to let the winners know the tracking numbers and I will most likely always include confirmation on packages sent from me. For books coming directly from a publisher, I will let you know I have submitted your address and obviously, it is out of my hands at that point.

Some important info to keep in mind:

- I will never keep your addresses, emails, etc after the contest has closed. Please see my privacy policy for further details on this.

-Always check the deadline dates.

-Not all contests will be international, so be sure to check who it's open to.

-All rules subject to change. As I have contests I’m sure there will have to be slight changes made. I will post when any updates are made to this section of the site.

-And last but not least, please follow instructions within each contest. Any entry that doesn't follow any and all instructions or rules will not be eligible to win.

Have FUN and Good Luck!!!

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