Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting To Know The Little Guys (3)

Getting To Know The Little Guys is a feature I do weekly to spotlight small blogs with less than 100 followers. There is a huge crop of new blogs out there- mine being one of them but I have been lucky enough to gain a pretty quick following- but small doesn't mean bad. My goal is for my readers to read these weekly posts, get to know the bloggers a little more, and start finding some awesome new blogs that they might not have otherwise known about. And face it- there is a huge competitive edge to book blogging these days, especially for ARCs. Yes, the ARCs are nice when they come but I think a lot of us really are here to just express our views on books and book related things- this feature also is intended to bring that focus back.

This week I have Aye.Me? from Reversing the Monotony here. She is an Australian blogger and the very fact that she lives in Australia makes her awesome in my book (even if I would never want to actually live there because there are just wayyyyy too many venomous little creatures there for my taste... one minute you're swimming happily, the next BAM! JELLYFISH! PAIN!) but I also really like her blog and her reviews.

Hi All!

When I got an email from Kari asking if I would be interested in being a part of her ‘Getting To Know The Little Guys’ feature I was absolutely thrilled! Then the thought hit me: she has nearly 250 followers... What can I possibly have to say that will entertain/interest THAT many people?! That’s when the panic set in.

It’s like doing a speech in front of the entire school. You could talk for hours to your friends but once you’re up on stage and the hall goes silent, so do your vocal chords.

(And by the way, whoever it was that first thought of picturing the audience in their underwear is an idiot:

a) Do you normally have better talking skills when talking to nearly naked people?

b) There are a lot of people in any audience that you do NOT want to see naked... i.e. teachers!)

Anyway, enough of that analogy. So the point is: I’m fine with rambling away on my blog; writing reviews and discussing books and authors in general, but what makes me and my blog different to so many others? How about I tell you a little bit about myself and my blog and then you can decide for yourself!

My name is Amy and I’m a sixteen year old Australian. I live in a small town in the country, and the thought of busy city life freaks me out a little. I enjoy the outdoors and my sport of choice is golf. I live with my mum, dad and big brother Keegan who is severely autistic. Growing up I never had anyone to play games with (other than mum and dad – and let’s face it - adults are no fun in kid games!) so I started reading. At age five I was reading Nancy Drew novels and loving them. In kindergarten I was allowed to borrow ten books a week from the school library when everyone else was only allowed two (and boy was I proud).

These days, before I buy a book, I always read reviews of it online to see what others thought of it. This has potentially saved me from wasting a LOT of money on boring books. I started my blog ‘Reversing The Monotony’ because I wanted to help others the way those blogs helped me – by sharing my honest opinion.

I have now moved on from Nancy Drew and the books that I read and review are mainly YA fantasy. My other favorite genres are paranormal romance, science fiction and urban fantasy, but I’m pretty flexible in what I read.

That’s about all I can think of to say, but I want to give a big thanks to Kari for giving me this great opportunity!

So swing by *Reversing The Monotony* and say hi if you want, it’d make my day!


Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone heads over to Reversing the Monotony!


  1. Aye.Me? has a great blog! I already follow her! Love this spotlight of yours Kari! :)

  2. I love finding out about new blogs, I want 2 made a new blog "spotlight" post for my blog but i want 2 make it different/ original.

  3. I like this idea! Also, go check out my blog because i have an award for you!

  4. I love this feature! I follow her now!