Thursday, October 7, 2010

Boys, Boys... and more Boys

I've made posts before about boys in YA that I like... okay, ones that I love. But the problem with such lists is they only include boys I've read at that time. Then I go and read more, and meet more boys... and frankly, I think there's a growing conspiracy in YA to make most every boy swoonworthy. The point of this? Here's some of the latest hotties that make me drool, swoon.... and other things. This one's in no particular order. A real top ten list will come at a later date.

Seth from Freefall by Mindi Scott: He's broken and real and a mess. That part of every chick that wants to fix the broken boy? Seth appeals to it. Add in the way he falls for Rosetta and it's easy to imagine being her, and having his attention go to you like that. And face it, that's a pretty darn good feeling. Also, he's in a band.

Will from Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton: This one comes as no surprise, I know, but he hasn't officially been on any sort of list yet (but Vampire Academy Adrian just might have a run for his money now as my *favorite* boy). Will is... grumpy and awkward and a little creepy, but he's also a damn good fighter, more loyal than a German Shepherd, and has a certain intensity that is a total turn out. There also might be something about a six foot sword....

Will from Firelight by Sophie Jordan: Will basically gives new meaning to the term smoldering, sexy, on fire... he makes Jacinda steam, literally, but draki or not, I think he would make a little steam come off any girl. He's intense and tormented, and just the right mix of angsty and adorable.

Logan from Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready: Okay, he's a little on the stupid side at times... and okay so bad things happen from it. But he's still loving, even if he goes to kind of awkward extremes to show it. He wants to make everyone happy, even if it means he ends up upsetting more people as a result. And really, Logan is just... fantastic. Also, he's in a band. Automatic hottie points.

Wesley from The DUFF by Kody Keplinger: Wesley is basically the epitome of jerky, cocky, playboy. But he's got that broken side, he's darn good in bed, and when he lets his walls down, watch out, because it's awesome. Wesley says all the right things when he needs to, and one of *the* best lines to make a girl melt I've ever read comes from Wesley.

And that, my awesome followers, are some of the latest contenders for my Top Ten YA Hotties list.


  1. Lve these posts!

    Funny cause I was just re-reading The DUFF. I agree I loved both Wills!

  2. With that title, how could I not comment? ;)

    I am DYING to met Seth-he sounds so sweet... I haven't met any of the other boys though (except for Wesley, which I'll admit, was rather jerky. But you're right, when he lets his guard down and opens up, he's pretty awesome.)

  3. Yay for Team Logan!! We are smal group so we must band I LOVE him.

    And I could not agree more about Wesley! How hot is he?? I loved him...

    Haven't read the other ones yet.

  4. Okay Logan IS hot, but I have to say that Zach is my fave! I mean, Logan is dead (kinda) so that's kinda futile right? Well, there is something swoonworthy about impossible love. Did I just convince myself to be Team Logan?

  5. What a fabulous list you have here! I can't wait to read Firelight and Angelfire and find out about the pair of Wills. I also enjoyed Will from Clockwork Angel, so it's a good year for boys named Will:)

  6. Great list!