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Cover Reveal Blog Tour: The Reece Malcolm List

I'm all kinds of excited to have Amy Spalding here today to celebrate the upcoming cover reveal for her YA book that hits shelves February 2013 from Entangled Teen: The Reece Malcolm List!

So let's get right into finding out about Amy and her book!

Check out Tuesday’s post at Young Adult Anonymous to find out how my unique cover story started, Wednesday’s post at GReads! to see how I convinced my publisher to let me have a custom photograph shot, and yesterday’s post at Novel Novice to learn about the styling for the book cover. Thanks so much to A Good Addiction for having me today!

So once I had my photographer and location—I needed a model. Luckily, living in L.A., it’s not exactly tough finding one. But for me it was even easier, because a friend of mine happens to look young enough to more than pass as a teenager, plus she has a great background in young adult lit!

AMY SPALDING: Hi Cassandra, thanks for taking time to talk to me!!

CASSANDRA MORRIS: Of course! I love talking to cool people. Or any people, really.

AS: You have a pretty interesting career - can you give me an idea of your background and all the projects you're involved in?

CM: Thanks! These days, I’m a Jane of All Trades. I’m an actress who specializes in voiceovers. I play cartoon and video game characters, those random girls you hear on radio spots, and I narrate audiobooks (sometimes called books on tape). I’m also a Prom Expert! I write about prom, homecoming and formal fashion for About Prom and for David’s Bridal. And this fall, I’m going to photography school. Phew!

AS: Being a prom expert sounds like the most amazing gig ever. Can you tell me more about it?

CM: I write a lot about how to pick out the perfect dress and which accessories should go with it, formal hairstyles to try, makeup looks for prom, how to get a date to the dance, how to plan proms, and stuff like that. It’s a lot of fun. I still can’t believe I get to look at pretty dresses all day and then write about them. I’ve always loved getting dressed up, and now I get to help girls look amazing for one of the most memorable nights of high school!

AS: How did you get into reading YA audiobooks?

CM: I went to a voiceover audition that needed a young-sounding girl to read a book called Dear Zoe by Philip Beard. I had never done an audiobook before, but as soon as I read the audition chapter, I knew that I wanted it. I just loved the story and connected with it and really wanted to bring it to life. I ended up booking it, and it become my very first audiobook job! Afterwards, that studio started using me for more and more audiobook jobs, and eventually my name got around to other studios, too. It just kind of built up from there.

AS: What are some YA audiobook titles you've read? Which were your favorites? Have you had any interesting experiences with any?

CM: I’ve read almost 100 of them… a lot of them were part of a series like Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl and The Clique. Right now I’m working on The Lying Game series.

The best was doing Pretty Little Liars. I recorded them consecutively over a month and a half, and my studio engineer and I were dying to find out who A was. At the end of every few chapters we’d exchange theories and be like, “It’s got to be Spencer!” or “No way, it’s the police officer!” My engineer was a 20-something guy, by the way. He was really into it.

AS: Obviously when Jessie and I were casting the model for the cover of The Reece Malcolm List, you were the first person we thought of. How do you feel about being an adult who gets to play a sixteen-year-old?

CM: I’ve always looked way younger and been way shorter than my age, so I’ve always had to deal with the “you’re HOW old?” question and people not believing me when I tell them how old I am. That, and freaked-out stares. I guess I don’t really mind it.

The only time I don’t like it is when I’m in a “professional” environment and people assume I’m a high school intern who doesn’t know anything about anything that’s going on… when really, I’m the person who should be answering all their questions.

AS: Are you excited to be on a book cover?

CM: Yes! I did some kids modeling when I was little, and I always wanted to be on a book cover because I was such an avid reader. But, I was never picked for one. So, this is seriously a childhood dream come true! And it’s doubly special because it’s a friend’s book, so it means so much more. I can’t wait until it comes out. I’m going to buy five copies!

Tune in Monday to Clear Eyes, Full Shelves to find out more, and come back here on Wednesday, June 13, for an exclusive reveal of The Reece Malcolm List’s cover!

You can add The Reece Malcolm List to your Goodreads shelf here, find Amy on twitter, and check out Amy's website.

About Amy: Amy Spalding grew up in St. Louis, but now lives in the better weather of Los Angeles. She received a B.A. in Advertising & Marketing Communications from Webster University, and currently works as the Digital Media Planner for an independent film advertising agency. Amy studied longform improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and can be seen performing around L.A. Her debut novel, The Reece Malcolm List, will be published by Entangled Teen in 2013, and combines many of her favorite things in life, including Stephen Sondheim and boys with great hair.

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