Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Character Interview: Quinn from If I Lie

Today I've got Quinn, the main character from Corrine Jackson's (utterly breathtaking) debut If I Lie stopping in to answer some questions!

What's your favorite photograph you've ever taken?

Hm. There’s one of George that I love. He’s interviewing Don Baruth, though the focus is entirely on George’s face, wrinkles and all. That’s the great thing about George. He’s not afraid of wrinkles. I can’t remember what Don was telling him when I took the picture, but I know it must have been horrible because George looks so sad that I want to hug him every time I see that picture. It's honest.

If you could say one thing to your dad, what would it be?

Do you still love me even a little? Nothing. What good would it do?

Despite the fact that it was the kiss that caused so much trouble for you, what's it like to kiss Blake?

Oh, geez. Is he going to read this? Because he will never let me forget this. Can I make something up? No? Okay, honest answer. Here it is. *takes a deep breath* *opens mouth* *hesitates* No, I can’t do it. The truth is I don’t talk about these things. It’s too private. Okay, I will say this. Imagine someone kissing you with their eyes open, really seeing you, faults and all. Focusing on just you. Caring about you and wanting you because they like everything that makes you YOU. That’s what kissing Blake is like. Heat infinity.

What's your best memory with Carey?

Carey is so interwoven into my life that it’s hard for me to pick one memory. He’s a part of me. He’s been there through every important thing that’s ever happened to me. Even through a lot of unimportant ones. If I was to pick a good memory, though, it would be a silly, nothing moment. A lazy Saturday afternoon when we were sitting around his backyard. His parents were wandering from the kitchen to the back patio, getting ready to barbecue lunch. Carey and I were in the pool – the above ground kind, mind you because no way could his family afford the other kind – and we drifted on rafts, while we talked about our future and daydreamed about what it would be like. Carey smiled a lot that day, and he held my hand to keep me anchored. We floated and floated, and I was happy.

What kind of shoe would you describe yourself as?

A good pair of leather riding boots. Sturdy. Strong. Purposeful.

Thank you, Quinn, and congrats, Corrine.

If I Lie hits shelves today, so make sure you pick it up. This one is totally emotional and gutting, but so stunning and provoking. Definitely one of my favorites for this year! Also, this is one of my favorite covers, so between the two, admit it, you want this one.

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