Monday, December 31, 2012

Best of 2012: Adult Romance

I've gotten really into adult romances this year, at least in the last few months. While the bulk of what I read is still largely YA, I've been mixing in romances between them more and more. Don't even ask me why I waited so long to get into them, I can't really say. But here's the ones, of what I did read, that stood out the most.

10. Waking Up Married by Mira Lynn Kelly:I love the concept of this one. It had such a unique feel, so different and flirty and fun. Certainly a unusual sort of take on marriage and relationships, and challenging both characters in some interesting ways, I was totally into this one. With a fun mix of flirting and teasing, with some steamier stuff thrown in, and still centered very much on what both characters ultimately need for themselves, this had a lot of different elements thrown in.

9. All He Ever Desired by Shannon Stacey: Boys loves girl. Girl marries someone else. Girl moves back home later. Yep. This is one of those set ups I love, and it had all the right mix of family drama, character fears, and just going for it. Ryan was his own sort of angsty in this one, and man did I melt for it.

8. No Flowers Required by Cari Quinn: I freaking love the concept in this one. Woman determined to keep her independent flower shop going, while falling in love with the guy trying to take it away from her? Yes please. What's better, is the play out was so worth it. Yeah, I got mad at the guy for hiding who he really was so long, but I also go it too. Quinn knows what she's doing when she throws these two together, testing them in some awesome ways, but giving readers plenty of fun too.

7. Yours at Midnight by Robin Bielman: This is the perfect New Year's read. It has that romance of the season feel to it, mixed with bigger things and deeper feelings. And considering Lyric and Quinn not only grew up together, but have definitely had a night together before, what happens in this one is an unexpected and belated fall out. But man is it good, and has that nice mix of the characters being scared and unsure, with wanting more.

6. Believe It or Not by Tawna Fenske:Quirky and funny and hilarious. I can't even accurately describe this one, other than to say it will have you laughing out loud, even while it turns you on. Tawna is seriously a master at sexual tension and chemistry, leading you on... and on... before giving you a well worth it play out. With a romance that sizzles, yet isn't easy to work out either, this one had the right mix of unease and fun.

5. Down for the Count by Christine Bell: Hot. That's kind of the main thing I have to describe this one. But also, I am a sucker for an unrequited love kind of storyline, and when both characters already had feelings before they were actually allowed to explore them... well, I am usually enamored. And this one didn't disappoint.

4. Ashes and Wine by Taryn Elliott: Would you like a side of tears with your lust? Then this is one you need to check out. I felt so much for both characters, and got so invested in this story I was actually sort of surprised when it was over. There is a pretty big emotional element to this one, mixed with great sexual tension and just the right amount of sweetness.

3. Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton: In the romance world, this is my favorite series. Hot jocks? Take the world on their own women? Yes please. And this one didn't at all disappoint. The chemistry between Jenna and Tyler was it's own kind of spicy, but with the usual Riley family elements mixed in, and the way the characters are so fleshed out, this one had me hooked and panting for more.

2. Wallbanger by Alice Clayton: This one squeaked in here at the last minute, since I finished it yesterday. But this book is hilarious, so full of witty banter, great innuendo, but still has a really interesting story mixed in. While it doesn't hit into deeper stuff as much, it still fleshes out the characters really well and lets you really get to know them. Mostly, though, I just loved the voice and wit and fun that was this one. Not to mention, it's the best title ever.

1. One Night With a Hero by Laura Kaye: Apart from how ridiculously hot this one is, what I love the most about is not what you'd expect in a romance... but it's how at least for a little bit, I actually hated Brady. But I also understood him, and felt for him. Dude's got serious anger and resentment issues, and man do they get tackled in this one. This book is the best of both worlds - hot and sexy, and emotional and painful.


  1. Hi Kari! Thank you so much! I'm thrilled you enjoyed Quinn and Lyric's story! And to be included with the other authors and books on this list, I'm speechless. And honored. Thank you again for your kind words. This was a great way to start 2013! Happy New Year and best wishes to you!

  2. Oh, Kari! What a freaking lovely surprise. When I saw this on Twitter I was just stunned. I'm so glad you liked Royal and Tessa's story. Here's to a few more in the Andreas lineage with the new year. ;) You put a huge smile on my face.

  3. Congrats, Robin! You deserve this so giantly. Your star is rising, girl. Happy new year! xoxox