Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Character Interview + Contest: Parker from Insomnia

I am super excited to have Parker from J.R. Johansson's Insomnia here today! He is definitely different than a lot of the guys in YA, and a character I have a total soft spot for. So meet Parker, then enter to win an ARC of Insomnia!

What's the most embarrassing and/or awkward dream you've watched?

Oh easy -- you think it's awkward to walk in on your parents going at it? Picture that...(no, wait, don't...I won't do that to you) - but you have that scenario, up close and personal, plus you can't leave, and they don't notice you're there, so it goes on for hours. If anything can make a guy need therapy, I think that's it. One of many reasons I started avoiding Mom's dreams *shudders*

So... ever catch anyone dreaming of you... in that way?

Actually, no. A couple of kissing & marriage dreams featuring myself in Junior High cured me of any curiosity to watch girl dreams. It's freaky to watch yourself in someone else's dreams, and not in a good way. If I'm getting action, I prefer to participate.

How different of a person do you think you'd be, if you didn't have this ability, or curse, holding you back in ways?

I'm very careful about who I hang out with. I have to be willing to spend nights in their dreams on a regular basis, or we really can't hang out. Because of this, I have few close friends. I don't date unless I have to get Mom off my back. And I've become a master of keeping most people at arms length. I'm friendly, but not too friendly. Just interesting enough that people neither mock me nor go out of their way to spend time with me. Huh...I've never thought about it, but in these ways, I'm not even sure I'd recognize myself without my curse.

Describe your perfect first kiss.

Soft, passionate and honest. The girl matters a lot, there is really only one girl I've ever met that could make it qualify as "perfect". Besides that, the honest part is probably the most important to me.

Boxers or briefs?

Definitely boxers

What would be your Hunger Games totem?

Oh man...I have enough complications going on without being thrown into a battle to the death. Um, but if I had to pick a totem it would be my sunglasses. They are pretty key for me to help control who I'm making eye contact with and whose dreams I get stuck in.

What kind of sea creature would you describe yourself as?

Hmm, that's a hard question and I'm tired, but I'm thinking...jellyfish. I'm a good guy and try not to cause much trouble. But if you get on my bad side, I may sting you, whether I want to or not.

Thank you, Parker, for stopping by!

Insomnia is out June 8 from Flux, but you can win an ARC now!

To enter, just fill out THIS form!

This contest is US only. No entries will be accepted through comments but admit it. You want to leave one anyhow.

Contest ends Thursday, February 28.


  1. Thanks, Kari! I really appreciate the interview, it was so fun! :)

  2. Parker sounds broody and introspective with just enough loner to make him mysterious. My kind of main guy!