Monday, August 12, 2013

Brazen Romance Reviews: Two Wrongs, One Right and No Romance Required

Two Wrongs, One Right by Katee Robert

I've loved the first two books in this series, and this one absolutely did not disappoint! Nathan's been hiding a pretty big secret, which comes out in the first chapter, and it's one you probably won't guess... which makes it that much better. And cracks me up to look back at Elle, and know why she never really stood a chance with this guy. Still, the chemistry between Chelsea and Nathan is everything I expect from Katee, off the charts and then some, with the right mix of softness and dominance. Even better about this one, is just how much the two previous couples flit in and out, giving readers who love them more, yet never taking the focus from Chelsea and Nathan working towards their ending. It's definitely not an easy road for these two, and there's plenty of things to tug at the heartstrings. Still, I love this installment, and cannot wait for more from one of my favorite romance authors.

No Romance Required by Cari Quinn

I. Love. This. Book. So much. I loved this the first two in this set, but this one is just. Wow. I'm going to just admit it. Cory's brand of dominance absolutely works for me. There is something so intense about it, but not just that he refuses to relinquish control, but that he wants that super deep level of connection and trust with someone. I don't always go for the kink, but with him, well, uh, yes. I absolutely adored these two, from their little battles to their sweet moments to their scorching ones. Cory is so carefully controlled, so reserved and a workaholic, that seeing him slowly ease out of that, soften for Vicky yet still retain so much about himself... whew. Quinn completely nailed everything about this book for me, and it's one I will definitely be reading again. And again. (And again). Vicky is the right kind of feisty and confident, but also a bit unsure of things especially when it comes to Cory. If you love romance, you must read this book, and I cannot wait for more from this fabulous, talented author.

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