Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Contemporary Authors Twitter Chat

I'm working with several contemporary YA authors to set up a Twitter chat for September 2 at 7 pm CST. Use the hashtag #ContempChat to join in!

Authors slated so far include Mindi Scott, Suzanne Young, Hannah Moskowitz, Heidi Ayarbe, Holly Cupala, and Sarah Ockler. Other YA Contemp authors are definitely welcome to join in, as are all of you, my awesometastical followers!

Don't miss what is going to be a fantastic chat! I'm even working on maybe having a few prizes... so be sure to check it out!


  1. Why on a school day? Unfortunately I'll be at school at that time, since I'm an international reader. Oh well. Hope you have a great chat!

  2. Cass - I can't always be available on weekends, and neither can that many authors. Evenings during the week not only get the most people to come, but they are also the best time for authors in my experience of setting up chats before. With international readers, it's hard to get a time when everyone can come. I'm sorry =(