Monday, January 24, 2011

Author Top Ten: Kari Lee Townsend

Being fused to your cell phone seems like it has a lot of great potential, right? You never lose your phone, you're a walking GPS, and the Internet is literally always at your fingertips. But Kari Lee Townsend, author of Fused- a book about this very thing- is here today to share the not so great side of being fused to your cell phone, at least for Samantha.

10). Coming down with multiple viruses simultaneously
9). Freezing up when her system lags, needs updating, or rebooting
8). Slowing down when too many things are downloaded and she needs more memory
7). Explaining side-effects like longer eye lashes and fingernails every time she uses her powers
6). Blocking 911 calls and being sent to the rescue no matter what she’s in the middle of
5). Having to wear a disguise and keep her identity a secret
4). Looking like she has tics and that she’s a know-it-all every time a teacher asks a question
3). Wearing gloves and letting people think she has warts to hide her bumpy, glowing cell palm
2). Having her hand itch every time it vibrates over an incoming call, text, or voicemail
1). Not being able to date her big-time crush, Trevor Hamiton!

Make sure you guys check out Fused to see just exactly what Samantha does to deal with all this and more!

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