Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Character This or That: Marshall from Glimmer

I've stolen Marshall from Phoebe Kitanidis' Glimmer for a round of This or That, so let's dive in!

Boxers or Briefs


Hippogriff or Unicorn

Hippogriff. You’re talking to a proud HP nerd, not a 6 year old girl. *ducks*

Blonde or Brunette

Huh. Hard to say. Elyse is blonde, but if she dyed her hair brown, or red, or black, or even purple, I’d probably like it. Neon green, now that would take some getting used to…

Guitar or Drums


Apple or Grape Juice

Uh…how about Redbull? It’s like juice, but more intense and therefore more fun. 

X-Files or Fringe

Both options rock equally hard.

Basketball or Baseball

Whatever. It’s like, snore versus zzzzzz. But I guess non-magical people have to entertain themselves somehow.

Zebra or Antelope

Zebras look cool, but herd animals freak me out. Most predators seem a lot smarter.

Car or Truck


Red or Blue


Thank you, Marshall, for those awesome answers, and congrats, Phoebe on the release!

This one is already on shelves so make sure you check it out! You know you want to get to know Marshall.


  1. I'm looking forward to reading this! :)

  2. LOL I loved this. I loved this book as well! :)