Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Character Interview: Calder from Lies Beneath

Today I've got Calder, the merman star from Anne Greenwood Brown's debut Lies Beneath, to answer a few questions in celebration of the book's release!

What’s the best memory you have away from your sisters?

I don’t want to give any spoilers so I’ll go way, way back and say that my best memories away from my sisters was the time I had alone with my mother. She’d take me to foreign film festivals and use the subtitles to teach me how to read. We went to all kinds of movies though--not just foreign ones. The movies were where we learned just about every human trick we know: how to drive a car, what to wear, how to flirt . . . . Movies with my mother . . . yeah . . . those are about the best memories I have.

Describe Lily in three words.

Brave. Beautiful. Non-conformist.

Boxers or briefs?


What’s it like to kiss Lily?

Geez, you don’t mess around. Well, let me put it this way, in my past, I did things I don’t like to think about now. I stole the best parts of people. I absorbed their joy into my soul. It made me feel like I was flying, like I could defy gravity. Kissing Lily makes me feel better than that. And the best part is, when we’re done, she’s still alive to kiss me again.

What was the first thing you thought when you got up this morning?

Hard to remember. Either, where did I stash my pants? Or, is it too early for the coffee shop to be open?

What kind of dinosaur would you describe yourself as?

Um... the kind that’s trying really hard not to be a dinosaur? Is that a cop out? Okay, okay remember that movie Jurassic Park? There’s a dinosaur in it that looks really appealing--kinda sweet--but then you get close and it spits poison in your eye. I guess that used to me, in a way. But not so much anymore.

Thank you, Calder, for dropping in and congrats, Anne, on the release!

Lies Beneath is out today so be sure you check it out!


  1. Intersting answers. The dinosaur one especially.

  2. I just read a brilliant review on this book, making me eager to read it, and now I'm even more desperate!