Monday, May 20, 2013

This or That with Chris from Trophy Husband

Newly released is Lauren Blakely's Trophy Husband, a hot and fun book! To celebrate the release, I've got a this or that list with Chris, the sexy hero of this book. Trust me when I say he's about as lickable as they come, and had me totally melting and swooning!

Xbox or PlayStation?

Xbox, of course.

Boxers or Briefs?

Boxer briefs. When I wear anything...

Red Velvet or Strawberry?


Shower or Bathtub?

Shower. What would I do in a bathtub?

Skirt or Shorts?

Skirt. Easy access.

Convertible or Hard top?

Convertible. Who doesn’t want a convertible? I want the sun on my back.

Rocket launcher or Grenade?

Rocket launcher. A grenade is only as good as your toss. Rocket launchers are much more powerful.

Top or Bottom?

Bottom, because of the potential for the reverse cowboy.

Star Wars or Star Trek

Star Wars. Because Han Solo didn’t have to wear a uniform.

Gryffindor or Slytherin

Seriously? Gryffindor.
Pizza or Wings?

Pizza. Out of the oven, cold, for breakfast, after hours, anytime.

Bare Leg or Stockings?

Stockings, because you wonder what comes after the stocking. Is there matching underwear? Is it attached to a garter? Is there that little snap on the back? So many questions to ponder and explore.

Drive or Fly?

Fly. But I don’t sleep on planes because I don’t want to get incepted.

Red or Green?


Dog or Cat?


Baby Doll or Corset?


As if that doesn't make you want to get a pare of stockings...


For you romance lovers, I completely recommend this book! I devoured it in one sitting, and couldn't get enough of these characters. Not to mention, the dog is adorable and awesome.

For your chance to win a copy of the book, enter below! And don't forget to check out all the tour stops!

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About the Book:

Sometimes you can't help falling in love, even when you try to do the opposite...

Successful fashion blogger McKenna Bell has spent far too long protecting herself after the way her ex-fiancĂ© left her at the altar for a college chick he met the night of his bachelor party. Loving again, trusting again, well, that's just not in the cards. Especially now that her ex is back in town with his new woman, demanding custody of McKenna's favorite creature in the whole world--her dog. No effing way. McKenna's had enough of him, and she decides to even the score by finding her own hot young thing -- a Trophy Husband. Sure, she's only twenty-seven, but doesn't that make it even more fun -- and infuriating to her ex -- to pursue a younger man? When she declares her intentions on her daily blog, her quest quickly skyrockets in popularity, and that's when Chris enters the picture, and he’s got all the assets. He's handsome, successful, and turns her inside out with a kiss to end all kisses, the kind that makes you feel like a shooting star. But loving again could mean losing again, and it's so much easier to focus on getting even, isn't it? Unless, you just can't help falling in love. Which means McKenna will have to come face to face with what she really wants in life -- protecting her heart from hurt, or letting go of her fears of a new beginning.

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