Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tributing Thursdays

Author Heidi R. Kling had the great idea to devote a week to authors, letting the fans publicly recognize and appreciate them. I thought this was a great idea but sat here wondering, why do they only get a week? No matter the end result, all authors work hard whether they are just starting out or holding years of experience. To keep this notion alive, I'm going to be making a weekly appreciation post. You're welcome to do to the same- I encourage it! Stop by here and comment with your link!

This week, I've decided to spotlight Jennifer Brown, author of Hate List. Jennifer has not only painted a very gripping account of bullying and how strongly it can effect someone, she's pulled some parts of her own life into it as well. She goes beyond simply being the author of this book and travels often to libraries and schools, talking with the teenagers there about her book and bullying. On top of this, Jennifer is the mother of 3 and balances not only her writing but being a stay at home mom, pulling it all off quite well.


  1. This one does look interesting!

  2. I just read/ reviewed The Hate List on my blog. I absolutely loved this book! It's one of the best realistic YA books I've read in a long, long time and I think it'll become a YA classic. Thanks for promoting this amazing read!