Monday, April 12, 2010

Vegas Time!

As of 7 am today.... I am on a plane to Vegas for 3 nights of fun, debauchery, and entertainment. I'll be back Thursday evening.... mostly likely very tired since me nor my friend have any real intention of actually going to bed- just, you know, napping now and then... It's my first time going and I fully intend to live it up, and maybe do some damage to my savings in the process. I've scheduled posts throughout the week so don't worry, my normal input will still be around.

Don't forget to check out the stops for the ARSON blog tour happening this week. I've got the schedule fully book from now through the closing date on Sunday, May 9. Full tour details here. Every stop is going to be different so don't miss any- and some even offer up the chance to win a copy of ARSON.

Enjoy your week everyone! I know I will. Besides, What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!


  1. Wohoo! Have an awesome time! ;D

  2. Have a great time =D Vegas is an interesting and incredible city so live it up girlfriend! You can't get bored there.

    I stayed at Paris once and I think it's been one of my faves hotel. Good choice (if that's where you're staying)!