Monday, May 24, 2010

Author Interview: Peter Abrahams

Here today to promote his recent release Bullet Point is Peter Abrahams! Bullet Point is in stores now- be sure to pick it up soon.

Both Wyatt and Greer have a father in prison-did you do any research for the inmate aspect of this book?

I've done prison visits for research several times: my books Lights Out (an Edgar best novel nominee in 1995), End of Story and Delusion, as well as Bullet Point, all have prison elements. (And speaking of the Edgar, Reality Check won best YA 2010.)

Wyatt finds himself in a tumultuous relationship with Greer, in part due to her being 3 years older. What factored into developing things in this manner?

Greer just popped into the story and sort of took over, but of course a 16-year-old boy finds himself on another planet with a young woman like that. Who to believe, and how to ever be sure: those are important questions in the book.

The writing style used for Bullet Point is unique, taking on a third person perspective while still giving more of a first person type narrative. What made you decide to write it in this way and dialect?

Very glad you asked. That's a good description of the ultra-close third person narration I've used just about my entire career (except for the Chet and Bernie novels, written in first person under my pen name, Spencer Quinn). I love the perspective - you can pull off all kinds of neat effects, and it's just so immediate. I don't think there are many other practitioners.

If you could pair Wyatt up with any character from any book (romantically or otherwise, your pick), what would be your pick?

For his own sake, some fictional good father would be nice; but then there'd be no story.

What is the most fearless thing you've done to date?

Making the decision to be a writer, and damn the torpedoes.

If you could step into anyone's shoes for a do, who's life would you want to experience?

Some great musician, like Django Reinhardt.

Thank you Peter for answering some questions and congratulations on another fantastic release!

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