Friday, May 28, 2010

In My Mailbox

I had a really good book week again which definitely makes me happy. I admit- I can't wait to see all the IMM posts going up with the BEA'ers hauls. So many exciting books to add to my list!

From Kiersten White, Signed (SO Happy about this one! Already half way through and yes, it's as amazing so far as it sounds!)

For Review:
Endless Summer by Jennifer EcholsS
tranded by J.T. Dutton
The Necromancer (Nicholas Flamel #4) by Michael Scott
Dido by Adele Geras
Insatiable by Meg Cabot
Homecoming by Jason Garrett
Fatal Gamble by JP O'Donnell
Deadly Codes by JP O'Donnell
A Note From an Old Acquaintance by Bill Walker
Zan-Gah: A Prehistory Adventure by A.R. Shickman
Zan-Gah And The Beautiful Country by A.R. Shickman
(Thank you to Jennifer Echols, J.T. Dutton, Amazon, Random House UK, Harper Collins, Yorkshire Publishing, JP O'Donnell, Bill Walker and Earthshaker Books for these review titles)

Won from Pirate Penguin Reads:
This very awesome 3 shelf glass bookcase from CSN Store
(Dog and books not included in prize)

That was my week around here. Surprisingly busy and very productive for me reading wise. I am definitely happy with it! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

IMM is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren.


  1. can't wait for the review about paranormalcy--so wanted that book to review.

    I also wanted the insatiable book too. Good haul.

  2. What a great week! I love that little bookcase, too! I can't wait to read Paranormalcy.

  3. Looks like you had a great book week! I'm eager to read Paranormalcy and Endless Summer ... can't wait to hear how you liked them!

  4. you had a GREAT week :) i agree with melissa, i can't wait to read paranormalcy and endless summer. looking forward to reading your reviews on them!

  5. Forget Paranormalcy, I want that dog!

    I mean, uh, I hear Paranormalcy's okay. : )

  6. You got some wonderful books this week and I love the bookcase. Insatiable looks super good, can't wait to read it. I hope you enjoy all your books!

  7. Great books this week. Can't wait for your reviews on Paranormalcy and Endless Summer. :)

  8. I love how you bury your dog in books!! LOL

    OMG, Paranormalcy!!!! Woo Hoo :)

  9. Paranormalcy was a blast! You will love it!

    I want to read Insatiable. That cover is just amazing and the story sounds incredible.

  10. Great books Kari, hope you enjoy them!

  11. Oh. My. Gosh. You got Paranormalcy??? SIGNED??? I'm so incredibly jealous. It looks amazing! Hope you enjoy all of your new books :)

  12. Wow, you have some amazing books to read! The Necromancer and Insatiable especially. Congratulations on winning the bookcase. It looks lovely!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Evie is looking great next to Toby! <3

    And Toby seriously does look like he's buried beneath those books in the second picture! I'm not familiar with the other books BUT Endless Summer, The Necromancer and Insatiable look fabulousss.

    Oh hay, is that a new bookcase you have there? It looks awesome! I WONDER WHERE IT CAME FROM? *winkwink*

  14. awesome books! Paranormalcy, i want!! lol

    Happy reading :D

  15. Definitely wanting to read Paranormalcy it look s fab. You really got quite a hall this week Hope you enjoy each and every one.

  16. soooo jealous of Paranormalcy, can't wait to see your review!