Friday, June 25, 2010

Author Interview: Jennifer Murgia

I know you've heard of it, maybe even read it, but are you eager to know more about the world of Angel Star, created by Jennifer Murgia? I thought so. She's been gracious enough to stop by to answer a few questions!

What made you decide to use an 8 pointed star to signify angels?

I love plausible plotlines and on occasion I have found myself Googling information because a story has been so captivating. I wanted to add that element to Angel Star, yet stick with something unique. My mother has a book of ancient symbols and the Octagram was a perfect fit!

Can you share something about Teagen and Garreth that didn't make it into the final draft of the book?

Actually a good chunk of my first draft made it into the final copy of the book. The editing was less tedious than I expected (whew!), if anything, paragraphs and scenes were reworked or rephrased but the material stayed pretty much the same.

If you could pair Teagen and Garreth with any character from any book (romantically or otherwise, your choice), what would be your picks for each?

Honestly, I can’t compare them to anyone else.

This book, based on the premise, is, in large part, a battle of wills. What is the biggest battle of wills you've had to fight?

I think everyone is faced with indecision at times and sometimes choosing right over wrong can get a bit blurred. For me? I guess it comes down to a thought process within myself. My reaction to upset is always defensive at first and I’ve had to learn to think before I act in reaction to something.
If you could step into someone else's shoes for one day, who's life would you want to experience?

I would love to be Stephenie Meyer for a day. What a whirlwind her life has become! I can only imagine the rush. I’m experiencing just a tiny example of it, but wow . . . her books, the fans, the movies!

What is the most fearless thing you've done to date?

Putting my heart and soul into a book and sending it off into the world.

Thanks Jennifer! Congrats on getting your book out there! Make sure you guys pick up this book soon!


  1. Great interview! And I really liked question #1. I also love books that make you google things because they're so interesting!

  2. Nice interview! You always ask such great questions. Don't you just love Jennifer? She's one of the nicest authors I've ever interviewed.

  3. Adding it to my TBR list now. :)

  4. I was really interested when I heard about Angel Star a few weeks ago!

    Jennifer Murgia is from my area also, so she will be having events close by. I've definitely added this to my TBR.

    Great interview!