Monday, June 21, 2010

Author Interview: Suzanne Supplee

Stopping by today is Suzanne Supplee, author of the recent release Somebody Everybody Listens To.

What was the most enjoyable aspect of the entire process to write and publish this book?

I really love music, so listening to LOTS of country music, old and new, and researching artists and the music business in general was very enjoyable.

If you could pair Retta (romantically or friendship or both) with any character from any book, what would be your pick?

Oh, Bobby McGee, of course. I think I have a crush on Bobby. He’s so good and solid and responsible. Not to mention cute! Plus, he isn’t afraid to tell Retta the truth. The trouble is Bobby has this awful girlfriend, Tercell.

Did you notice any large differences between writing this book and your earlier novel Artichoke Hearts?

Yes, in some ways this one was more difficult. I had a publisher but no book yet. I sold Somebody based on the idea. It’s a big compliment for an editor to trust you in that way, but it’s also completely nerve-wracking because you’re so afraid you’ll deliver something she won’t like or wasn’t expecting.

If you could become someone else for a day, who's shoes would you want to step into?

I like my own shoes very much, but if I HAD to pick, I would like to step into Anne Tyler’s or Joyce Carol Oates’ shoes for the day. Maybe I could take some of their genius with me when I returned to my own shoes.

What is the most fearless thing you've done to date?

The most fearless thing I’ve done is to become a mom and write books. You spend so much of your time and effort striving so that your books and kids will turn out well, then you have to let them go.

Thank you again, Suzanne, and congrats on the latest release! If you want to know more about Suzanne and her work, check out her website.


  1. This interview was short but really great! I love Suzanne's writing style :)

  2. Nice interview! Lol, being a mom definitely sounds like a challenge. :)

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