Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Author Top Ten + Contest: Savita Kalhan

Dropping in today is Savita Kalhan, author of the thriller The Long Weekend, a book about two eleven old boys who are abducted after school on a Friday afternoon. It's a great book, so be sure to pick it up, but first, check out this list of some of Savita's pet peeves and see if you share any of them! And yes, she gave a full dozen instead of ten because she's just that awesome.

Okay, these are in no particular order – and some of them are very peevish! Others are a bit more than peeves...

1. I really don’t like telling people I’m a writer because the usual response is invariably: “Are you going to be the next J K Rowling?” or “When are you going to write proper grown-up books?” Personally, I love writing for kids, teenagers and young adults and I have absolutely no problem with that. I wish more people would read them – they don’t know what they’re missing!

2. There is a particular fake forced cheery tone that some people I know use, which really gets up my nose! Eg: “Oh daaarling, how are you? I’ve missed you sooo much...” I think you get the idea!

3. I hate it when people stand about chatting or dawdling in an aisle or gangway or corridor and blocking it up so no one can get past.

That’s partly because I’m always late so always in a hurry and rather than be rude and shove past, I stand around politely trying to make myself heard.

4. I really, really hate to see people using their mobile phones when they’re driving – it’s so unnecessary and so dangerous. They even sell hands-free kits in all the shops. There’s no excuse for putting other people’s lives in danger. In my area a lot of women driving four-by-fours with lots of kids in the back are particular culprits – there’s no need to put your kids at risk to say hello to someone on the phone.

5. Badly parked cars – there’s nothing more annoying than someone who takes up three spaces when they only need one in a busy car park!

6. People who never seem to finish a sentence before starting another (my husband is a particular culprit), especially when they’re explaining something you’re interested in!

7. The neighbour’s cat really annoys me when she uses my beautifully planted pots as a loo!

8. My son when he stops for a minute to check the time, or tell me something very important, every three minutes when he’s doing his 20 minute piano practice! (This is after he’s negotiated his practice time down from 30 minutes to 20 minutes) He’ll thank me when he’s older...

9. I hate it when people put empty cartons, boxes, wrappers etc back in the cupboard or fridge!

I like to know what I’ve got in and what I haven’t and what I need to replace. I hate running out of things. Sorry for sounding like Monica Geller about it!

10. Speaking of Monica Geller – I used to like Friends, but I can’t bear it ever since my thirteen year old developed an obsession with watching the re-runs on TV two years ago. I think he’s watched every single episode at least three times. I jokingly called it wall-paper for a while, but now the walls are seriously over-due a revamp!

11. Another driving one – people who don’t get into their lane when they’re turning off a main road and end up blocking the whole road for people who want to carry straight on.

12. I hate seeing the corner of a page folded over in a book to mark a page – I’ve never, ever done it. I always use a bookmark – I have zillions dotted around the house. Old cards also make excellent bookmarks!

Thank you, Savita! I have to admit, some of those I agree with... and I might have laughed a little about the cat.

Now for your chance to win a copy of The Long Weekend, just fill out THIS form!

Contest IS international, and ends March 2!


  1. Thanks for the giveaway and the Q&A, I agree with her pet peeves.

  2. I agree with most of these. Especially the one where people block the way in a grocery store.