Sunday, February 13, 2011

Top Ten Reasons to Buy Angelfire

Courtney Allison Moulton's (awesome) debut Angelfire is coming out on Tuesday, and to celebrate, and encourage you guys to buy this (fantastic) book, here are my top ten reasons to buy Angelfire.

10. You'll learn an important lesson about Peopleburgers. These are life lessons you can't go without.

9. There's this boy. And his name is Cadan. And he's hot. And quite mysterious.

8. You will never look at marshmallows the same.

7. Because you never know who's watching from the Grim. But you might get a better idea if you read. See? Another important life lesson.

6. Root beer float kisses!

5. There's this twist at the end that is oh my god wtf really? And it's brilliant.

4. Freaking AWESOME fight scenes! Who needs movies? Just go read this book.

3. Badass heroine who kicks butt with her khopesh swords. Seriously. Ellie is awesome. She's quite the little sassafrass and has plenty of snark, and will keep you laughing, even while she's fighting beasties.

2. There's a hot boy! With wings! And a six foot sword! Who is full of angst. And torment. And maybe acts sort of like a martian. But mostly he's just hot and sexy and nom-worthy.

1. I hear the author is pretty darn awesome and nice. And rumor has it, she'd love for you to buy her book. And read it. And maybe make out with, just a little.

So if those reasons aren't enough to convince you to buy this book... well, I'm not entirely sure what will. But it comes out Tuesday! So go look get it!


  1. I approve of this list. All very important reasons to buy Angelfire. :))

  2. And most importantly of all, it is JUST SO FRICKIN' DARN GOOD! Seriously, I started reading it and devoured it within 3 hours(?)... All 500 pages worth!

  3. Definitely got me convinced! ;)

  4. #1-3 are my favorite reasons, but the whole entire list is 100% true! :D

  5. I love it and I am so there when it comes out!

  6. My favorite reasons of that list are 1-10.
    Just kidding! (Not really)
    I'm seriously considering buying a peopleburgers T, though I haven't read it yet. Root bear float kisses!

  7. Honestly, I hadn't planned on reading Angelfire, but I'm kind of thinking about it now. I especially like #9 and #2, and #5 has my interest...

    Great post!

    Quitting My Day Job

  8. Haha! Great list! :) I will definitely be picking it up!

  9. Very amusing list. I'm really excited that this book is finally coming out! Wo0t!