Thursday, May 26, 2011

Author This or That: Micol Ostow

Here today, in a rapid fire style interview, is Family author Micol Ostow! Check out her answers, and see how it compares to what yours would be!

Lemurs or Monkeys
Monkeys! My husband has traveled all over the world and for whatever reason, has zillions of pictures of himself posing with monkeys, so it's become sort of a running joke with us. We always visit the zoo when we travel, and we ALWAYS visit the primates!

Cake or Pie
Yes, please!

Car or Truck
Subway. I actually hate driving. But if I have to - car.

Fireman or Policeman
Depends on the situation, I suppose!

Spike or Angel
Can't I have both?

Theme Park or Water Park
Theme park. LOVE theme parks. Not the long lines, but the cheesy rides...LOVE.

Country music or Rock music
Neither. Really cheesy, generic pop, or really moody indie.

Unicorn or Hippogriff

House work or Yard work

Gerbil or Mouse
Ew. Dogs.

House or Grey's Anatomy
Addicted to them both. But I think Dr. House is way more swoon-worthy than McDreamy, for what it's worth.

Coffee or Tea
Coffee. My body is 90% caffeine.

Vegas or Cancun
Cancun - for the beaches and the sun, not the partying. My favorite vacation is a book, and a beach.

Mall or Mail order
Mail order. I'm a total shut-in (aren't all writers?) and I have a serious problem with online shopping. Just ask my husband. (Or don't - I don't want to get in trouble!)

Salty or Sweet
Preferably both at the same time: chocolate covered pretzels, kettle corn, peanut butter cups...You get the picture!

Thank you, Micol, and congrats on the release!

Now make sure you guys all check out Family, out now!

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  1. These rapid style interviews are so fun to read. It's almost like speed-dating with an author, lol.

    I agree about House--he's just way cooler than McDreamy.

    Thanks for the interview! :)