Sunday, May 15, 2011

Character Interview: Will from Queen of the Dead

Today, I have the cute and sweet Will Killian from Stacey Kade's Queen of the Dead here to answer a few questions. I pretty much think Will is awesome, and a tormented little ball of adorable... so you can imagine my excitement at getting to interview him, but even better Alona tagged along in that way of hers to help out.

Of all the ghosts you've talked to and helped, apart from Alona, which one has stood out the most? 

Will: Mrs. Ruiz, the first ghost you’ll meet in Queen of the Dead, stands out a lot. I think my bruises are still healing.

Now that you've really gotten to know Alona through your ability, would it be worth losing her to give it up and have a 'normal' life?

Will: The thing is, I’m never going to have a normal life, and I can’t let myself start thinking otherwise. I’m really working on trying to be okay with who I am. But if you’re asking if I’m glad Alona is around, then…yeah. Most of the time.


Alona: Oops. That elbow to your ribs? A total accident. Most of the time.

What's the weirdest response you've gotten from someone who saw you talking to a ghost?

Will: These days, most people just assume I’m on the phone. The weirdest response was a woman in Target who, after seeing me talk to a ghost, followed me through the aisles, insisting that I tell her where I got my Bluetooth earpiece. She had just bought one and was amazed I’d found one so small as to be virtually invisible. Yeah. She got really mad when I said I couldn’t say.

Can you tell us a little about Mina? 

Will: Mina is…mysterious. She’s another ghost-talker, of a sort. And she has a really different view on why we have the abilities we do. And I think that’s probably all I should say.

Going into this second installment, what do you want readers to know? 

Will: I guess, just keep in mind that we’re doing the best that we can and sometimes we fu…screw things up pretty badly. Reading our story puts you at an advantage to see things more clearly, but when we were living it, trust me, it was a mess and hard to know what to do.

I wouldn’t change any of it because it got me to where I am now, but that doesn’t mean we always did the right thing. We were just trying to figure stuff out as we went along, just like you.

Alona: Speak for yourself, I had a plan.

Will: Really? Do I need to remind you what happens in this part of the story?

Alona: You mean you actually read it this time?

Will: I’ve been a little busy, in case you haven’t noticed. But yeah. And besides, I lived it and unlike some people, I don’t gloss over the less than flattering parts.

Alona: I have no less than flattering parts.

Will: *sighs*

I can't resist asking this one, Will... What's it like kissing Alona? Does the ghost thing make it weird?

Will: Uh. *clears throat* It’s not like she feels dead…wait, that sounds weird. Um, no, it’s not weird, at least not for that reason. I’ve been around spirits pretty much my whole life and they’re just like the living to me, for the most part. It’s far weirder for me to think about her in the context of how I knew her from high school. Cheerleader, homecoming queen, snob. When I think about it that way, then kissing her feels surreal.

And other than that…kissing her is very, very nice. ;)

Thank you, Will (and Alona), for those answers! Now I'll let you two get back to the ghost helping... and the kissing.

And make sure you guys all check out Queen of the Dead, coming June 7!


  1. EEK! Will and Alona are such a cute couple! :)

  2. I always love your interviews, keep 'em coming! And definitely agreed, can't wait to read this second installment. :)