Monday, December 12, 2011

#BIR2011: Invincible Summer by Hannah Moskowitz

Today's book pick from me is one that I couldn't talk about enough the first time I read it. It's one that I have recommended throughout the year to every person I possibly could (and now I am doing it again!). This is a book that literally made me cry, and I do not cry easily. The book?

Invincible Summer by Hannah Moskowitz.

This is a book that is completely amazing in so many ways... emotionally, mentally, the writing, the voice, the characters. I stayed up until 2 am finishing, even though I had to be at work at 8 am the next morning, then I stayed awake in bed for at least another hour just thinking about this book. It captivated me in ways I couldn't explain.

And now I'm here to give you guys not the only the chance to win a copy of it, but to check out this interview with Hannah. So let's get it started for Day 2 of Best I've Read 2011!

What's been the best part about having more than one book published, with a few still coming down the pipeline? 

I think it's natural to love your most recent book the most, because you always want to believe that you're improving, but also because your book that isn't out yet doesn't have any bad reviews, you know? So in my mind, the newest book, the one you haven't seen yet, is always the best. That's why it was so funny tome the first time I heard from a reader who liked Break more than IS, and that was really this revelation to me; readers can like some of my books and hate others, or like one of the ones that isn't my favorite over the one that is. It's like having a bunch of different personalities available, and people can pick from whichever one they wanted. It's so, so excellent.

Without spoilers, which scene in Invincible Summer is your personal favorite? 

There's a scene in the 3rd summer, I think, where Noah and Chase are just standing on the balcony talking and eating ice cream, though my favorite line comes from the bit where they're filling out paperwork at the speech therapist's office.

What's your favorite part about writing contemporary YA? 

Getting to write the kind of books I love more than any other. And to be shelved with my favorite authors. That part's ridiculous. You know I'm next to Jaclyn Moriarty? That's just insane.

If you could pair Chase and Noah with any character from any book, who would you pick for each? 

Chase would be great with Lydia from The Year of Secret Assignments by the aforementioned Jaclyn Moriarty. Noah I'd love to see with Frankie from The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart.

If you could visit any time period for a day, which would you pick? 

The 1920s, absolutely. Hang out at a Gatsby party.

There you guys have it, and thank you Hannah for answering some of my questions!

And now is your chance to win a copy of your own of Invincible Summer, because this is a book that I think everyone needs to read.

To enter, just fill out THIS form.

Contest is US Only (No PO Boxes) and ends December 19.

But this isn't all for today for Best I've Read! Our group pick of the day is another of my absolute favorites: Divergent by Veronica Roth! So make sure you go check out the Best I've Read Blog!


  1. The 1920s would be fun. I love the music!

  2. Oh my goodness, for as long as I can remember I've loved the thought of climbing into the Doctor's Tardis and going back in time to visit the 1920's with the roaring jazz music and high swinging bands and the speakeasies and just the clothes and the people in general. Wow, what an amazingly generous giveaway, thank you for sharing this.

    Happy Christmas!!!

    Suz @ A Soul Unsung

  3. I want to be able to feel the emotions that I'm reading about so I think I would love reading this book. Thank you for the giveaway!