Thursday, December 1, 2011

Character Interview + Contest: Henry from Catching Jordan

Hitting shelves today is Miranda Kenneally's debut Catching Jordan, and hitting the blog is one of the hottie football boys from the book, Henry. Trust me when I say, you want to get to know Henry. And he is absolutely in my Boy Closet!

But that's not all. Because he's so darn charming, Henry's smiled his way into convincing Miranda to give away a totally marked up, author annotated copy of the book! So let's meet Henry, and then you can find out how to win!

Describe yourself in four words.

Fast (in terms of running speed)

So, the title of this book was changed from Score to Catching Jordan. Which did you like best?

SCORE. Obviously.

When Ty first showed up on the scene, what did you think?

How could this guy waltz in and flick a switch in Jordan that I have never been able to flick?

What was your first real kiss like?

When I was 12, I went to a family reunion up in Louisville. No, no, of course my first kiss wasn’t with a distant cousin or anything. You have a naughty mind! Anyhow, my cousin, Tara, invited a few of her friends from school to hang out after the reunion. Tara’s friend Julie and I walked out to my uncle’s barn, to see the new foal, and while we were oohing and ahhing over the baby horse I guess Julie was overcome with emotion because of all the cuteness and attacked me from the side. We fumbled through the first kisses but they were warm and soft and soon I figured it all out, let me tell you. We kissed until my uncle caught us when he came to check on the foal. And then after Julie went home, my uncle proceeded to give me “the talk” right there and then by explaining how the foal was created and came to be born.

Boxers or briefs?

Both. I wear briefs while playing football and baseball but I have a thing for wearing flashy boxers. Read Miranda’s next book if you want to find out more about my adventures in underwear.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Can I tell you about my man crush? I’m comfortable with myself and my sexuality, so I have no problem telling you that I have a crush on George Clooney. He’s smooth, he’s rich and he reads the paper every day. I want to hang out with him, in hope that his suaveness will rub off on me.

If you were a dinosaur, what kind would you be?

A Velociraptor. I’m fast, I’m smart, and some people are scared of me, but even if they’re scared of me, they can’t look away because I’m just that cool.

Thank you, Henry, for stopping by and sharing your answers.

Now for your chance to win a completely marked up, one of a kind copy of Catching Jordan, just fill out THIS form.

Miranda's only going to do this once (she's on to Henry and his ploys...), so if you want the chance for this.... get to entering!

You get one automatic entry. Then for every post throughout the blog tour you comment on, you get an additional entry. Check out the full lineup here so you don't miss any of the awesome posts! And don't worry, I ask for your username you comment with in the form, so I can count your comments, that way you can enter now!

This contest is US only, and ends December 23.

And since this contest isn't over for awhile, make sure you go pick up Catching Jordan, hitting shelves today! Trust me. You want to meet Henry, Jordan and the rest of the hottie football boys sooner rather than later.


  1. Henry sounds fantastic. I love the man crush :D

  2. I am very excited to read this book!!! <3

  3. Ooh. Marked up copy. *googly eyes*
    Love the man crush, of course.
    The briefs/boxers bit was a just a tad TMI, though... ><

  4. OMG A marked up copy....awesome :)


  5. haha, okay I totally already love Henry. Any straight guy that can admit he has a man crush is the kind of guy I want to be book-friends with.

    Thanks for the giveaway op. Definitely looking forward to reading this one, and winning a copy would be awesome!


  6. Haha. Henry was my fav. character he's hilarious! <3 George Clooney!

    Xpresso Reads

  7. Henry is going to be in the next book? HAVING ADVENTURES IN HIS UNDERWEAR? Sold.

  8. This guy is too cute. How could Jordan not notice him?

    I love the giveaway opportunity.

  9. Henry you sound like fun! Can't wait to read this book.


  10. Ohhhhhhh.

    Henry soounds like the funniest! Can't wait to read the book (I added on goodreads a looooooooooong time ago) but I'm sure rooting for Henry right now! (:

    BTW. That next book of Miranda's, yeah, I'm buying that one too.

  11. Henry sounds great! I can't wait to read the book!

  12. Woohoo! Thank you. Love the idea behind the book. Henry, you sound absolutely incredible. you can come to my school and shine if you want to. :D

  13. This sounds too cute! And definitely unique. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. thanks for the chance! This guy sound hilarious and so charming! Sounds like a great read as well! :)

    deeg131@gmail dot com

  15. Wow! I can't imagine how long it will take you to tally up ALL the comments on ALL the blog tour posts. O_O Wow. Go you!!

    I really want to read this, b/c my Contemporary other half LOVED it & we haven't disagreed on a Contemporary yet (Seriously- It's INSANE! We have the SAME Contemp reading taste! It's AWESOME)

    Would LOVE an author annotated version!

  16. How cute is it that Henry has a bromance going on? We've all gotta love a good bromance. LOL! Henry you sounds so *cough* humble *cough cough*. Sorry, I have a frog in my throat. LOL!

    I really want to read this book. I hear it's simply wonderful and I need a contemporary book that makes me happy. :D

  17. I have heard such good things about this book. and such drool worthy men.

  18. Catching Jordan was one of my top ten reads for the year too, I completely fell in love with this story (and Henry!) :)

  19. Oh man, I love Henry just for comparing himself to a velociraptor! Those beasts are scary yet awesome.

    Go you for agreeing to tally all of these comments! Let me know if you need any help. I have a whole week off from school & work - plenty of free time :)

  20. If you were a dinosaur, what kind would you be?
    Possibly best interview question . . . and answer ever!! Love it :)

  21. I so need to read this book. Henry is pretty funny especially the whole adventures in underwear part lol. Love the crush on George Clooney I mean who doesn't have a crush on him? Lol

  22. I really can't wait to read this book! I've heard great things about it, by the way thanks for the giveaway.
    And as always Happy Holidays!

  23. Would love to read this book. I've heard nothing but good things!

  24. I read this recently and really liked it! I hope everyone else does as well! :)

    I was confused at first when I saw the tour stuff because I didn't remember contest info, but realized that my post with Miranda wasn't part of the tour, duh. *rolls eyes at self*

  25. This was such a fun interview - Henry seems like such a fun character.

  26. TEAM HENRY ALL THE WAY!! LOL with his boxer adventures!