Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Author Interview: Jessica Warman

Stopping in today is Jessica Warman to discuss her latest release, Beautiful Lies!

Describe Beautiful Lies in 5 words.

Nothing can stay hidden forever.

This is your fourth published book. How has your drafting and revising changed, from Breathless down the line through Beautiful Lies?

I think I’ve become far more critical of my work over the past few years, which I definitely consider a good thing. When I wrote Breathless, I had a much more inflated sense of ego, because I didn’t have an editor to point out everything I was doing wrong. Now, when I’m working on something, there’s a constant little voice in my head, questioning every decision I make. It can get overwhelming, because if I give it too much attention, I end up paralyzing myself and accomplishing very little. So I’ve also become more thoughtful and deliberate with my writing as a result. I don’t just sit down and write whatever comes to mind and assume it’s all good. I know that I’m capable of producing very poor writing, but I’ve also come to realize that this does not make me a bad writer. It makes me work harder, it makes me set higher expectations for myself, and it keeps me grounded. All good things, I think!

Of all the feedback you've received since Breathless came out, which comment has stuck out to you the most?

I got an email a few months ago from a girl in high school who told me that she wasn’t a good student, and she’d never enjoyed reading until she read Between. What was interesting about her letter was that it was quite well-written, especially for a high school student. So I wrote her back and thanked her, but I also told her she shouldn’t sell herself short because she obviously has a natural ear for language, and clearly was not dumb by any means. Ever since then, she sends me emails from time to time, keeping me updated on the books she’s reading. It’s pretty awesome.

What upcoming YA book are you most excited for?

Whatever Benjamin Alire Saenz writes next. I recently finished his YA novel, Aristole and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, and it was just… I can’t even tell you how it felt to take it all in. It was indescribably awesome, like seeing a unicorn.

What kind of cookie would you describe yourself as? 

 Raw cookie dough. I don’t have the patience to wait for them to cook in an oven. Is that an acceptable answer? If not, then maybe a snicker doodle dipped in some kind of booze.

Thank you, Jessica, and I have to admit, I love your cookie answers!

Beautiful Lies is out now, so be sure you guys check it out!

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