Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Entice Me Day: Phoenix

I am so excited to participate in Entice Me Day, to celebrate the release of Jessica Shirvington's Entice, and even more excited to get to talk to you guys all about Phoenix. And how much I love this boy.

You guys know how much I love the dark, bad boys. The ones who are cocky and sure of themselves, who okay yeah maybe hurt you and treat you sort of wrong... but are also misunderstood, are gushy on the inside, and fall for you even if they shouldn't have. There is just something about that back and forth there, the dark and the light so to speak, at battle because of feelings and love, that totally gets me. And Phoenix most definitely has it. He's witty, charming, alluring, and just the right amount of challenge to draw at least this girl in.

“Not everything is black and white, Violet. Don’t believe everything you’ve been told.”—Phoenix

He’s intense, sexy and otherworldly. Full of secrets, Phoenix is all gray in a world of dark and light. As an exile, he is not to be trusted, but Phoenix always seems to be there to protect Violet when she needs it most. Together, they shared one intense moment of passion. Now, when the electricity between Violet and Phoenix ignites, she discovers his hold over her has become more dangerous than ever.

Sitting in Sydney’s glamorous Water Bar, Jessica reveals some enticing secrets about everyone’s favorite bad boy!

Want to know even more about Phoenix? Of course you do. Check out his character bio here, and take this Favorite Quotes Quiz! And if you want even more about the entire series, check out it's Facebook page, which will, of course, focus on Phoenix all day long.

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  1. Oooh, I think I'm already half in love with Phoenix <3 lol
    Also, LOVE that water bar!! O-O