Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Author Chat!

In all my awesomeness, I have arranged another author chat on my forum! Shelena Shorts, author of The Pace, has very graciously agreed to hop on for an hour or so tomorrow night, Wed Feb 24 at 8 CST! The link to get registered is above if you aren't already.

Jennifer Echols, brilliant author of Going Too Far and the upcoming Forget You, is also lurking around my forum this week and will be answering any questions posted for her in the designated Questions For Jennifer Echols section (hard to make that connection, I know =P ).

Stay tuned for details on next week's authors, including Dia Reeves and another potential live chat!

You participation would be greatly appreciated... *puppy dog eyes* Yes yes, I'm begging just a little but eh. Participation isn't what I thought it would be when I set the forum up. So... help a buddy out? You know you wanna... authors are our celebs... so come talk to the celebs! =D

That is all. For now. *insert evil laugh?*


  1. Cant wait - Shelena is such an amazing person, and its going to be such a great chat!

  2. You are awesome. And yes, it's award time... you've got a few ;)

  3. Oh, I'll try to be there. But once again, I have class at that time...
    I keep missing all the good stuff...you are doing it one purpose, I know it! :)