Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting To Know The Little Guys (8)

Getting To Know The Little Guys is a feature I do weekly to spotlight small blogs with less than 100 followers. There is a huge crop of new blogs out there- mine being one of them but I have been lucky enough to gain a pretty quick following- but small doesn't mean bad. My goal is for my readers to read these weekly posts, get to know the bloggers a little more, and start finding some awesome new blogs that they might not have otherwise known about. And face it- there is a huge competitive edge to book blogging these days, especially for ARCs. Yes, the ARCs are nice when they come but I think a lot of us really are here to just express our views on books and book related things- this feature also is intended to bring that focus back.

This week, I've got Charlotte from Book on The Hill here. Originally, I emailed this when they were below 100 followers, but due to scheduling, they are just now getting on here. Even though they are at 109- I am still going for it because come on- she's in France!

I have to start this by thanking Kari : like all the other ‘little guys’ said, I was super excited when I got her email. Thank you Kari for featuring us ! At the time, I had about 70 followers. Now, I’ve got 98. So, before I get to 100 and am therefore banned from being a ‘little guy’, here is what I have to say...!


- Name : Charlotte
- Blog :
The Book on the Hill
- Age : 25

- Jobs : Actress (on stage for now), and bilingual reader for Hachette Jeunesse

- Nationalities : French, but also English and Canadian.

- Where do I live ? Paris, France

- Food Addiction : Chocolate in any form

- Book Addiction : Any good book

- Movie Addiction : Musicals

- Random Addiction : Doctor Who


- Reviews : I share reviews of books I read for my job, and also for my own pleasure. Basically my job is to read English-written books (either already released or still in drafts) and submitting a full summary and review. Depending on the readers' reviews, they decide if they want to buy the rights of the book, and if they do it is translated in French and published in France. I’ve done this for two years now, and I LOVE it. The books I read are mainly YA books, but I've often got middle grade books too, and from time to time adult chick lit.

- Book Sketches : Each review I post is illustrated by a book sketch, drawn my talented boyfriend. You can check out the recent interview of him that my fellow bloggers helped me organizing.

- French Friday : Each friday, I am hosting a meme called French Friday, in which I write about bookish things happening in France, including French covers and titles’ translations.

- Contests : My first real contest is happening right now ! It’s called the Frenchy Contest, and if you enter you get to choose one stack of books out of a selection I made, and also a few French goodies (bookmark, notebook, badge, magnets). You have until February 20th to enter, and it’s international !

- Blog Design : I love webdesigning (I am actually an occasional webmaster too), so my blog reflects this passion (at least I hope it does !). My header changes according to the seasons, and I designed the background and my event buttons too. I hope you’ll like it !

Here we go, I think I’ve covered the most important things. You’re welcome on my blog anytime, I love meeting new bloggers and comments are always fun and instructive. :)

A huge thank you to Kari once again, and happy reading to you all !

Thank you Charlotte for hopping over here and sharing more about yourself with us! =D I definitely love how much you incorporate France into your blog- it is very unique, at least for my little Texan self.

I hope you guys head over and check it out! Her French Friday feature really is an awesome one.


  1. You have the dream job of every book blogger, Charlotte! Is it okay if I envy you? xD

  2. where in Canada? are you Canadian, then? what plays have you been in recently?? so fun!

  3. It's so cool that she lives in France and is an actress, sounds like she's living the dream life!

    Great interview and I will defiantly be checking out and following her blog!

  4. This blogger sounds terrific. I love the way she illustrates each review with an original sketch. :-)