Friday, February 19, 2010

Wanna Talk To Some Authors? And.... Affiliates!

I've got several great things coming up thanks to my awesome forum- and yes, I still claim it as awesome even if active participation is low. If you've read The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard, hop on the boards today and tomorrow to ask her any questions you have- this is her version of a live interview, open to all bloggers instead of just my questions. There's a thread devoted to this so jump over there!

If you've read Jennifer Echol's hit Going Too Far, get ready with your questions for her because Jennifer will be hopping on the boards next week when the book is featured.

And finally.... for fans of Shelena Shorts' The Pace, I am hosting a live chat with Shelena next Wed, Feb 24 at 8 CST on my forum. And face it, we all think authors are basically celebrities so come talk to a celeb! =)

And now........... It took me awhile to get around to doing this but I've got me some affiliates. Woot! I feel all special and warm and fuzzy so now I get to brag about them. Yay. Me. And them.

First up is Sherry at Flippin Pages for All Ages. She's an active member of my snazzy forum and really just good to talk to. Her blog is rapidly growing because, oh yeah, it's awesome like her. You should check it out. Because I like it. And that means something. =) She is also holding a few contests right now so go check them out because you can get some awesome titles, including The Body Finder and Sing Me To Sleep.
Flipping Pages for all ages

Next up is Corrine over at Lost For Words. She's also a member of my forum and we spend a lot of time talking about anything and everything now. It's nice. =) She's still building her blog but it's coming along great and she's definitely opened my eyes to some great book titles.
Lost for words

I've also affiliated myself with Jenn at Book-Crazy. She does an awesome job maintaining her blog while taking care of her two kids and even gets her daughter Audrey involved in the blogging thing as well. It's really great seeing the books bring the two of them together and face it, sometimes we need a little more of that and Jenn's right on it. She is also just 1 follower away from 400 right now... so, someone should definitely go realize her blog rocks. And follow.

Next up is Eleni from La Femme Readers. When I started blogging, Eleni's was one of the ones I regularly followed and she has some interesting opinions on some books. She has many giveaways going on and does some snazzy memes. She's hilarious to talk to but really nice... do we see a trend on all these people being nice? Oh, yeah. They are. Guess that's why I'm affiliated with them. Moral of the story: Follow Eleni too. Even if her blog is pink =P

Last is Jenn from Books at Midnight. It seems like Jenn and I agree on about 95% of our reviews which is definitely helpful. I browse a lot of blogs but I am more active with hers because if she likes it, there's a good chance I will too. Reading reviews helps but if I consistently disagree with someone once I've read the book, I tend to back off that blog. Jenn, however, has a great blog that she keeps up with and holds plenty of contest, author interview's and even hosts the Saturday Network.

And that, my dear readers, are my 5 affiliates. I am probably going to top out with this because I admit I am lazy. Plus, these are some of the main blogs I actively follow so it would make sense.