Tuesday, July 6, 2010

13 To Life Winner!

I had a total of 156 entrants with 332 total entries for this one- thanks guys! The winner for a copy of 13 to Life, as chosen by Random.Org is:


The Winner of the swag pack, as chosen by me- and this one was really hard because I had some hysterical entries... and quite a bit of Jacob Black love showing up... but, with the entry of:

Pee on a fire hydrant. I mean, what's so damn exciting about it for dogs?

Tori [Book_Faery]

Thank you to everyone who participated and as always, check the top of my blog for current contests and come back for more to be posted. I really do appreciate all of you followers and will continue to try to get great books in your hands!

I am about to email you both. Get your addresses back to me in 48 hours of when the email goes out.

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