Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Reading Recommendations

I debated this morning while getting ready for work on what theme I wanted to go with today when I realized one that should be obvious for me that I haven't done yet: writing. There have been a few books that while I enjoyed them, I gave a lower star rating because the writing didn't work as well for me. I am huge on writing. I have a few pet peeves in writing and if they show up, it bugs me too much and distracts me from the story. But if the writing works for me... well, the author could write about a dog taking a dump and I'd still find it awesome. Thus... here are some books that the writing stood out as one of it's most prominent features, regardless of how great the story was to go with it.

Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink: Not only is this one set in a historical time, but the writing is absolutely fantastic. The descriptions are intricate and the mental images are very thorough. Even now, close to a year after I read this book, several scenes still stand out in my mind because of how strongly they were created.

The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey: I never have figured out how to describe the way Rick writes, apart from astounding. This was one of the first books that really made me take focus on writing style. There is a graphic element to this book (which the horror addict in my loved), but the way Rick wrote even a description of a severed head hanging on only by tendons was just... beautiful. Add in the very original plot and how awesome Will Henry is and I still remember a great deal of this book over half a year later (not to mention I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment).

The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare: Most of you have read these ones so you can agree- while her characters are amazing and the story is phenomenal, Cassandra's absolutely astounding writing style ties it all together. Particularly in a genre where the majority of things are written in first person, Cassandra has mastered the third person perspective while still giving fantastic insight into the characters and forging strong bonds.

The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting: Though I admitted in my review to be a little disappointed in this book only because I thought the romance washed out the supernatural element, I couldn't deny that Kimberly is a downright awesome writer. The scenes from the killer's perspective? Creeptastic. Mix that in with a strong voice but still fantastic descriptions and infused emotion? Face it. Not all authors could do cutesy and creepy in one book and put the reader into both.

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater: This is another one I’m sure most of you have read but you’d probably agree. There is something lyrical and gorgeous about Maggie’s writing. Even if Sam wasn’t as into music as he is, there would still be a musical quality to the way she writes and it’s a style that cannot be easily imitated and has to come naturally. Though her story and characters are great, the writing alone makes Shiver (and Linger) definable.

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White: I’m not entirely sure how to describe this one since it isn’t quite the same as the others. Kiersten’s writing is strong and despite being through Evie’s eyes, the entire world is absolutely descriptive not to mention the voice is spot on. I think it’s the voice more than anything on this that stands out but the writing backs it up and with this book alone, I truly think that Kiersten’s writing in a different setting would still be simply awesome.


  1. I just recently picked up Prophecy of the sisters. I got a lot of recommendation on that one.

  2. Great list! I just got Prophecy of the Sisters and I really need to look for The Monstruologist, I've heard good things about it. I can't wait for Paranormalcy!

  3. ooh, thanks for the recs! For me, the writing is essential in order to make the book work. If it's good enough, like you said, I'll read about anything and enjoy it. If it's too bad, I can't even finish the book, even if the story is terrific.

  4. shiver and city of bones... uff! I really loved them
    and I have The prophecy's book on my wishlist!
    and kisses from Spain!

  5. 100% agree about Prophecy, I have the 2nd book on preorder.

    I will look for Rick's book, that sounds amazing. Also, I have considered Maggie's but wasn't sure, now I will add them to the TBR list.

  6. cant wait for paranormalcy and i've ordered the paperback of the body finder, but november suddenly feels like a long way away...

    good picks. love these posts.

  7. prophecy of the sisters is great, and so is shiver. they're definite must-reads.

  8. Great list read Shiver just last week, bought The Prophecy of the Sister and City of Bones and hope to get to them soon and have pre-ordered Parnormalcy, read The Body Finder when it first released so that leaves Yancey's book. Unfortunately, my summer is ending in less than than a month boo hoo.