Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ladies and Their Tramps

If you regularly follow my blog and read my author interviews, you'll know that one of my favorite questions asks the author to pair their romantic couple with characters from other books. Mostly, I like watching them squirm- and seeing what they come up with and why. It seemed only fair, however, to do my own version of this... which is why I now bring you the first edition of Ladies and Their Tramps.

Katniss and Adrian (The Hunger Games and Vampire Academy): You laugh. And laugh harder. And roll your eyes. I know. But now that that’s over…take a minute and think about it. Katniss is a supreme badass. She knows how to survive, she doesn’t take much crap, and she doesn’t expect a man to take care of her. Adrian has his own moments of reliability—when it matters—and he is certainly entertaining and will get her mind off a constant survival mode kind of thing…and they’d pretty much just be all kinds of right together. They have so many differences but enough things to link them.

Ridley and Patch (Beautiful Creatures and Hush, Hush): I’m not sure an explanation is needed on this one. If there was ever a hot, dirty couple, well, this is it. Ridley knows how to turn guys on and twist them to her will and Patch…well, he’s horny. Apart from that, their personalities definitely would work together…though the rest of the world might suffer.

Dru and Astley (Strange Angels and Need): She’s badass but awkward. He’s trying hard to be top of the pyramid but awkward. Together, they can be…more awkward. I imagine their first meeting would be a mix of blushing, shoes scuffed on the ground, and lame waves. I also imagine they’d decide to take charge at the same time, blush brighter, and fall back into silence. Once they get past that though—well, there’d still be awkwardness but it’s the cute kind at the all the right places.

Lea and Sam (Prophecy of the Sisters and Shiver): Lea is intelligent, pretty, strong hearted, and determined. Sam is quiet, musical, and devoted. This would be a relationship that is tender, filled with walks along the river and afternoons spent reading. When Lea needed something, Sam would be there. They’d protect each other with an easy balance between them.

Meg and Owen (Going Too Far and Crash Into Me): Meg is carefree to the point of not caring, outgoing and snarky, and does things her own way. Owen is intensely shy, incredibly quiet, and all around, likely forgettable. If these two were to pair up…I am pretty sure it would tame Meg some but Owen would benefit more. He’d be the boyfriend that tags along, smiling at what she does and loving her for it. He’d still be quiet overall, and just go with it.

Valerie and Derek (Hate List and The Darkest Powers): She’s tormented, torn up by events that have happened, and pretty much without a friend in the world. He’s a loner apart from Simon, used to being ignored and feared, and has kind of crappy people skills. Derek wouldn’t care that Valerie’s written things she hates in a book, or that her ex snapped and shot up the school. He’d still protect her and walk down the halls, giving a mean glare to anyone who tried to harm her. Valerie would get more comfortable, gain confidence, and figure out that she can have some good times and a good boyfriend.


  1. NO! I cant think of it like this cause then it might make sense but I cant let it make sense cause I dont like mixing book characters! Unless they're with me :)

  2. Oh, wow. Very interesting. I have to say my favorite was this one: Katniss and Adrian. Can I just say that alone made me stop and think, "Hmm. . .that has possibilities!" :)

  3. I absolutely love this list Kari! I guess I had better read The Hunger Games soon to see why Katniss and Adrian are a good match, eh? :)

  4. HAHA - brilliant! I can just see Dru and Astley LOL ... and Ridley and Patch ... even Katniss and Adrian, at first I was like NO! but then the idea kind of grew on me, Adrian is just so MELLOW and Katniss definitely needs some mellow :o

  5. Creative post and great matches! You really put a lot of time into this... I think you should be a match-maker. :) Your explanations are fab, btw!

  6. Wow! Awesome idea. I actually do this same thing with some of the TV shows I watch but hadn't thought about doing it with my books. It really makes you stop and think.

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  7. You know, I can actually see Lea and Sam together! O_O Patch and Ridley? Omg, talk about a scorching couple! The havoc they'd cause? All while looking hot? Damn.

    I must say, I think Katniss and Adrian would be VERY interesting; that's one relationship I'd love to see play out... Richelle Mead and Suzanne Collins should totally write a skit together, LOL.

  8. I love this post and would love to see how you'd be matchmaker to other characters as well....please do it again. :D