Thursday, August 26, 2010

Top Five Reasons to Buy Paranormalcy

We already know that Thursday's is my random post day on the blog... but instead of recommending a bunch of books, or comparing characters, or talking about hot boys... I'm going to give you more reasons (as if you probably don't already have a ton) to buy Kiersten White's debut Paranormalcy which just so happens to come out next Tuesday.

5. Money. Kiersten needs the money. I don't know if you've heard, but she's this freakishly tall mutant and wants an operation to... wait. That's a lie. She might be a little vertically challenged... but there's no stretching operation slated. If you buy the book though, maybe it will happen. Okay, fine, I'll give you a more valid reason. But for this one, you have to actually follow her on twitter (@KierstenWhite for you goobers that don't already follow), because she gives great reasons on her own, all centering around the hashtagh #everytimeyoupreorderparanormalcy. They are kinda rockin.

4. Cleanliness. I, personally, have no problem with language or with sex and steam in books, though you probably know that since I make entire posts debating the hotness factor of boys in books. But some people prefer to stay away from it, and sadly for them, in general, supernatural and sex seem to go hand in hand. Add in the fact that its YA so hormones are rampant (even for those of you that insist teens don't think about sex all the time, they're still raging little balls of hormones) and the lust, love and stolen kisses are rampant. Then comes Kiersten, with her cute little book filled with awesome, centering around Evie who is such a typical girl yet not, who likes pink in a way that makes it endearing (She has a hot pink taser. Seriously.), and who is awkward when it comes to a boy she likes. There's a little steam, but nothing like you might be used to. There's also no swearing, unless you considering self-bleeping the same thing. But for this post's purposes, we'll just leave it at Oh, bleep, this book is clean in a great way.

3. Hot dudes. Reth maybe is hot, but he's creepy. Seriously, he's that ex that you think is so great till you actually, uh, get to know him then you realize he's a creeper. But he just keeps coming back. He's hot but, creepy. Now Lend.... oh, yes. Lend is a boy to date. To give a few reasons, he's cocky and arrogant and treats her like... wait, that would be most other boys in YA. Not Lend. He's, well, nice? Does that work even exist? Guess so, because that's Lend. Sure, he's got his sarcastic, cocky moments but what person, male or female, doesn't? He's also hot, but not really aware of his hotness and maybe cheats on it. So let's go back to... he's nice. And smart. And funny. Yep, he truly is a creature of fantasy....

2. There's hags. No, really. That's something I am calling a valid reason because frankly, the fact that someone, somewhere, even before Kiersten, decided to dream up a fantasy creature that lives in lakes and eats kids and calls it a hag... that's something kind of awesome. How many little kids know the word, and call creepy, mean old ladies hags? Frankly, that's asking to be eaten but I guess since it isn't by a lake, it's okay. But, Kiersten actually uses the, uh, kid eating variety of hag. And I think it's great. But if you want more than hags... there's a range of creatures in this one. There's even mention of a doppleganger. Yeah, you read that right. Can't name a lot of books that even reference those, huh?

1. Uniqueness. Fantasy/paranormal/supernatural is rampant. There's some people who are sick of it, and some who still don't read much out of the genre. But with Paranormalcy... it's going to appeal to a lot of people. Kiersten's made some great new paranormals, she's set it in a very interesting way, and she plays it out pretty darn awesomely. So if you're one of those people who whines and gripes about all the cliches of YA paranormal and have all these things that you think would make a great book, you should give this one a try.

So... those are the reasons you should go buy Paranormalcy next week. Plus, for all of you who are in that post-Mockingjay wtf, confused, shell shocked state... this is a nice way to get back into reading without being totally twisted and tormented and left feeling like your entrails are being eaten by hags. I could come up with more but... I have to go to work so I can make money and buy it... But if you need more incentive, Kiersten is also having a contest on her blog with some pretty awesome giveaways, with one thing that is even pink, for those who do buy it and take a picture. Plus, her presentation for it is just rocking and should give you even more reason to realize that Kiersten's book is one to get. You can check that out here, but do it soon, because her contest ends Sept 7.


  1. It's a freaking amazing book - I even named my Nook Lend because I loved it soo much! GREAT POST!

  2. I've yet to read this one...I'm such a geek :)

  3. I already pre-ordered this book. Love the 5 reasons. I am all for pitching in money help the cause for her. LOL. I am super excited to read this :)

  4. Those are great reasons! I love Paranormalcy and can't wait for more people to fallin love with it.

  5. What a cool post. And it's purple!!

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