Monday, September 20, 2010

Author Interview + Giveaway: Natalie Standiford (Blog Tour Stop)

Dropping in today as part of her blog tour is Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters author Natalie Standiford. This is the author that brought us How to Say Goodbye in Robot, and now she's back with a tale of secrets. Stick around after the interview for your chance to win both these great books.

The premise of Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters hints at big secrets that go beyond stealing a cookie out of the cookie jar. Which of the confessions were the most difficult for you to come up?

Jane's voice came easily to me, but her confessions were the hardest. I had to think up a whole, plausible family history for the Sullivans, and sins for each generation to commit, so she could post them on her blog ( –it's real! Check it out.) I had to do a little research to see what was historically plausible for Jane's ancestors to have done, and then come up with things that were both evil and realistic.

If you had a deep secret and were the reason for your grandmother to cut the entire family out of her will, would you confess if it benefited everyone or keep quiet and protect it?

I'd confess it. First of all, I'd hate to have my whole family mad at me, but also, since my grandmother would already know the secret, it would probably come out eventually anyway.

If you could pair the three sisters with any character from any book, who would you pick for them?

Do you mean, pair them romantically? I'm going to assume that you do.

Hmm… I'd put Norrie with a Jane Austen hero, probably Mr. Knightley from EMMA.

Jane's a tough one. I don't think she's too interested in being paired up with a boy, so I'll put her with James Hoff from DESTROY ALL CARS by Blake Nelson, since he's rebellious like she is. She's probably not environmentally-aware enough for him but they'll enjoy fighting about it.

For Sassy: Harold from HAROLD AND THE PURPLE CRAYON. I know it sounds crazy because he lives in a picture book
and is just a little boy, but I think if he grew up to be Sassy's age they'd share a similar vision of the world.

What is the most private confession you're willing to make here?

I haven't read TWILIGHT yet.

What kind of cake or confection would you describe yourself as?

Dark chocolate cake with vanilla icing.

Thank you, Natalie! Now for your chance to win both of Natalie's books, fill out this form!

Contest is US only and ends October 10 at 6 pm CST. One winner will receive both Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters and Ho


  1. I really enjoyed How to Say Goodbye in Robot and I'm looking forward to reading Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters. Thanks for the interview, it's always fun to learn more about authors.

  2. I'd confess also. The obvious reason would be because it's the right thing to do but also the guilt would gnaw at me. Guilt because keeping it would take away from my family, also that it hurt/angered my grandmother enough to cut off her family. Still pondering what sort of secret these girls have, LOL.

  3. oh I have seen the reviews on this book, and I would love a copy.
    Hmmm dessert?
    Cheesecake. Smooth, Bitter and yet sweet. With the sugary dreamy crust.
    I am totally cheesecake.

  4. I have not read any of Natalie's stories yet. Thanks for featuring her, Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters sound like one to pick up.

  5. I enjoyed the review and the confession question.
    Thanks for the giveaway!