Sunday, September 26, 2010

Author Interview + Giveaway: Rick Mofina

Being featured today is Rick Mofina, author of the fantastic and through provoking thriller The Panic Zone. I really enjoyed this one, and you can check out my review here if you missed it. After the interview, enter for your chance to win 1 of 2 copies of this book!

There are several different characters playing into this book. Which was the most interesting for you to write and develop?

All of them were interesting, but I grew fond of Gretchen Sutsoff. She was complex and I wanted the reader to know her story.

What was the most challenging aspect of this book for you to write and develop?

The entire enterprise is challenging. I worked extra hard in attempting to pull the reader into the lives of the characters to live, smell and breathe with them.

If you found yourself in Jack's situation, immersed into something that seems simple at first but is suddenly being exposed as something much more, how would you react particularly with the increasing danger?

I'd call the police.

If you could pick one character from any novel to help Jack in this book, who would you like to see him partner with?

Well, I did. While Jack was alone throughout much of the book, he had to partner with Emma Lane to see things through to the end.

What is the most private thing you're willing to share here?

My passion for cashews.

If you could step into anyone's shoes for a day, who's life would you like to experience?

I think it would be cool to be a member of the Rolling Stones on the 1972 tour, jut for one day.

What kind of cookie would you describe yourself as?

Butter pecan.

Thanks so much, Rick!

To win 1 of 2 copies of The Panic Zone, fill out this form. US only. Contest ends 10/10 at 6 pm CST.


  1. I have a passion for cashews also. XD
    Thanks for the interview and giveaway! :)

  2. sounds like a great beach read

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