Thursday, September 2, 2010

Top Five Reasons to Buy Firelight

It seems only fair, now that I've told you why you should buy Paranormalcy and watched (while admittedly laughing) as said book bagged and tagged my dog (who chilled out in a duffel bag like it was normal....), that I tell you guys why you should buy Sophie Jordan's upcoming release Firelight, which hits stores THIS Tuesday, Sept 7! Are you excited? You should be.

5. Cover love. So, there you are... walking through the bookstore... minding your own business when WHOA! Awesome somewhat shiny cover! And you stop. Look. Stare in lust. And what book is it? Yep. Firelight. Okay, so that hasn't happened yet... since the book isn't on shelves yet... but, it will! Because this cover is gorgeous. And the title? Yeah. It's going to be gold. And I am pretty sure it's going to be embossed... you know, raised up and touchy feely happy? So... do you really need any other reasons? Oh. You do? Fine. Let's move on.

4. The protagonist is... not popular. Hey, get your jaw of the floor. It's unattractive. But you read that right. Jacinda doesn't go off to the human world and suddenly fit in. She isn't instantly popular. She doesn't transcend space and time to displace the alpha dog and all the boys don't roll over and try to pee on her to mark her as their territory. Okay fine, that part doesn't actually happen in books... but admit it. You can always imagine the boys going all male dog and lifting a leg when the seemingly amazing new girl comes around. Better yet? Jacinda is uncomfortable in her own skin. She's suffering. She's unsure and uncomfortable. She's... real (as real as she can be since she's, um, a fire breathing dragon shifter but shhhh). So for those of you screaming for something new in the fantasy genre, and a female protagonist who can kick but is still flawed, uncomfortable and unsure? Meet Jacinda. She's your perfect match (but her eyes are still set on Will so watch our. She steams easily. Literally.).

3. Sexy Man Musk Hunter Boy, otherwise known as Will. That nickname is one I somehow came up with and isn't actually in the book... so no getting upset when you blaze through this great book and don't see that phrase in there. I couldn't even tell you the reason it came about, though I do remember Sophie asking me if she mentioned his musk... at which point I said I didn't think so but in my head, he had a sexy man musk going on. And face it, that name put together like that makes you want him more. Not to mention he's just hot. And tormented. Which makes him hotter. And he's a hunter, and is skilled with using his weaponry.... Um. Nevermind that last part.

2. The kisses. Seriously, this woman can write a kiss. And this is it's own separate thing because while yes, Sexy Man Musk Hunter Boy is involved in said jaw dropping, hot kisses... the way they come off is purely skill at Sophie's hand. From the build up to the final twenty kinds of steamy first kiss... Woo. I've already mentioned that Will is hot. But when Will kisses? Hot. Damn. Jacinda is one lucky draki. Not to mention, this building romance is weaved into the book so perfectly... written so beautifully... and completely intense and awkward and realistic.

1. Uniqueness. It's dragons, but not. Nope, these dragons can shift into people. Yeah, those wolves don't sound so great now do they? Oh, look at me, I'm a wolf... I have a fluffy tail that is more cute than scary and can't do any real damage in a fight and I'm fuzzy. Oh, dang. This fur coat is flammable with the fire that dragon is breathing at me.... Okay, fine. I love werewolves. And werebears. Even weretigers. And would totally support a werepenguin. But shape shifting dragons? Admit it. Awesome. Not to mention... they don't even all breathe fire. Jacinda is actually rare because she breathes it! Yeah, Sophie Jordan just threw all kinds of loops with her dragons, even calling them draki instead. Did your neurons just go crazy firing in excitement? Thought so.

There you have it. Just five of what is, admittedly, many reasons to make sure you go out and get this book on Tuesday. Trust me, you're going to want this one. And if this wasn't enough to interest you, make sure you follow Sophie's blog tour! It just kicked off this week and is hitting blogs for the next three weeks so there is plenty to make you drool, swoon and covet. Full details can be found here.... and you can even win a signed copy of the book at some of the stops! Oh, wait. I shouldn't have told you that. Um, nope. No contest. Go buy it. That's the only way. Yep....


  1. Great post. I'm looking forward to this book. The cover and the dragons most intrigue me.

  2. Lol! LOVE these posts! And bring on the werepenguins! :)

  3. I adore Sophie Jordan!!! Her novel Firelight is AMAZING!!!! I was so blessed to have been able to snag an early copy! She's visiting The Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston on the 11th of this month and you can bet I'll be there!!!

    I can't wait for the second installment! I'm already ready!!! I'll be giving away a signed copy in a weeks time!!!

  4. You had me at Firelight. Can't wait to read this book, I've been anticipating it for months now.

  5. LOL, loved your post. I'm so excited for the release.

  6. You're right - every Sexy Man Musk Hunter Boy should be skilled with using his weaponry! lol!
    Great review!