Sunday, December 12, 2010

Author Holiday Extravaganza!

To celebrate the holidays, now that 2010 is winding down, I've teamed up with the charming Jessica from A Fanatic's Book Blog to get to know about what some of our favorite authors do with their winter holidays in our fantastic Holiday Extravaganza! From recipes to stories, we've got it covered for you.

And to kick things off, here's a seriously cute video that Scars author Cheryl Rainfield gave us the heads up about:

(This video is the property of it's respective owner. No copyright infringement intended.)

Adorable, yes? And to really get this started right, you can enter for your chance to win a signed copy of Scars, courtesy of Cheryl!

To enter, just fill out THIS form! Contest is US/Canada only, and ends December 25.

If that doesn't put you in the holiday spirit, maybe something from one of the thirteen other authors we've got on board will spark your interest! Each day, until December 25, an author will be guest posting on one of our blogs to share a story or recipe:

(Kari) Monday, December 13th: Abra Ebner
(Jessica) Tuesday, December 14th: Lisa Sanchez
(Kari) Wednesday, December 15th: Amy Holder + Preorder/Bookmark Giveaway
(Jessica) Thursday, December 16th: Steve Brezenoff + Bookmark Giveaway
(Kari) Friday, December 17th: Mindi Scott
(Jessica) Saturday, December 18th: Adele Griffin
(Kari) Sunday, December 19th: Lisa Schroeder + Bookmark Giveaway

(Jessica) Monday, December 20th: Jen DeLucy + Book Giveaway
(Kari) Tuesday, December 21st: Hannah Moskowitz
(Jessica) Wednesday, December 22nd: Heidi Ayarbe + Book Giveaway
(Kari) Thursday, December 23rd: Myra McEntire
(Jessica) Friday, December 24th: Brenda Pandos
(Kari) Saturday, December 25th: Ty Roth + Book Giveaway


  1. Sounds like so much fun. I can't wait!

  2. This is so exciting! Thanks for doing so many contests :)

  3. Hah, I love that video! I wonder how long it took to film it xD

    Ooh, way to spread the Christmas cheer in a bookish way! Love it! Thanks Kari :)