Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ladies and Their Tramps

I did a post like this a few months ago, but decided it was time for another. Ladies and Their Tramps is my version of the question I ask a lot of authors: If you could pair your main character (and usually their love interest) with any character, who would it be? The responses are always amusing.

Now, I realize that some of the characters here are from 2011 books... but since there isn't even a guarantee you've read about the characters from books that are out are, I figured it was about the same. And since these matches really work in my head, I bring you the second edition of Ladies and their Tramps:

Alec and Gabe (The Mortal Instruments and A Touch Mortal): Alec is a kickass fighter but a total sweetheart outside of the battle grounds. He's shy and timid at times, but there's that rough edge to him that is just so appealing. Now pair him with Gabe, who is intensely loyal and determined, and most definitely likes to have a good time, and this is a seriously fantastic pair. They would live the high life and have a great time doing it.

Kendall and Harlin (Freefall and A Need so Beautiful): She's an intelligent but funny, won't take your crap, fiery redhead. He's sexy and sweet and just the right amount of badboy. Could there be a more perfect pair? Maybe not. They'd bring out the best in each other, maybe a little of the worst, and that would definitely be a romance I wouldn't mind seeing. And if he so much as looks at another girl... well, Kendall will just have to do something to make him jealous and regret it.

Mandarin and Ren (Like Mandarin and Nightshade): She's an enigma with a prowess that defines her. He's a full of testosterone alpha male. But who better to tame him than the girl that knows how to handle a man? Intense and passionate by herself, Mandarin would have something pretty great with Ren. Take the bathroom scene in Nightshade and amp it up some and that's about how I imagine something between these two would play out. They'd both challenge and play off each other, leaving some hot tracks in their wake.

Hanna and Wesley (Bleeding Violet and The DUFF): She's crazy and doesn't care. He's pretty much the most loveable manwhore around. So who can handle him and maybe scare him into celibacy while she's at it? Hanna, especially when she mentions her dad might be hanging around at any given moment. Wesley Rush might not chase girls, but he won't have to. This girl will chase him and make sure she gets him. I can just imagine her crazy ways with his cocky quips and it would be hilarious, and pretty stinking hot.

Tris and Balthazar (Divergent and Evernight): Take a girl who has huge potential and an innate personal strength, blend with a few century old vampire with the mind of a teenage boy who is sweet and loyal and bake at 350 degrees. The result? A couple that will no doubt better each other in all the best ways, with a side of romance that is just right to be that kind of subtle amazing that stands out.

Evie and Patrick (Paranormalcy and Fixing Delilah): She's witty, perky and fun. He's smooth and charming. This is a like attracts like kind of pairing, where all the good things about both just make them mesh perfectly. Evie can pull at Tasey, but I can see Patrick just laughing it off and playing around with Evie for it. I can only imagine the quips that would go back and forth between these two, especially when easy flirtation is mixed in.


  1. OMIGOSH. I *JUST* started NIGHTSHADE! Now I'm extra-excited to read it -- I will be scoping out this Ren character for Mandarin the whole time.

    What an awesome idea for a post, by the way!

  2. Too fun! I love how your mind works! :-)

  3. YAY! My one suggestion actually made it onto the list! I FEEL SO PROUD. :D

    I can't wait to read LIKE MANDARIN just so I can imagine her with Ren, haha. <3

    I agree with Mindi x)

  4. This feels so wrong, but yet, strangely intriguing! I was already looking forward to Paranormalcy, so now I'm twice as excited! But mad at Patrick for cheating on Delilah. :-)

  5. I haven't read all these books, so I'm not sure about your matches, but it makes me want to read everything here and then re-read the books I've already read.

    Fun idea =)