Thursday, December 23, 2010

Character Interview + Contest: Rayne (Night School by Mari Mancusi)

I'm sure you've seen Mari Mancusi's Blood Coven books floating around. You know, the ones with the pretty hot, eye catching covers? Well popping in today is Rayne, one of the central characters of this series. If you haven't had a chance to meet Rayne and the rest of the Blood Coven characters, stick around after the interview for your chance to win.

Hey Rayne, glad you can join us! First, can you describe yourself to those who haven't got the chance to follow the Blood Coven novels?

I, myself, don't really like labels. But I guess most people would call me a Goth girl. I do love the music and yes, you can usually find me wearing the color black. But there's so much more to me than just that. For example, I'm a vampire. I'm also a vampire slayer, employed by Slayer Inc. (It's a long story, don't ask!) And last, but not least, I'm a twin. My sister Sunshine (Sunny) and I are completely identical on the outside. But on the inside we're as different as, well, sunshine and rain. (Yes, yes, barf, right? Hippie parents, go figure.)

What is your favorite movie?

Edward Scissorhands by FAR! It's this old movie from the nineties starring Johnny Depp before he became Jack Sparrow. He is so hot in it. Looks just like Robert Smith from the Cure. Only hotter and without the bad lipstick. It's directed by Tim Burton who is my favorite director EVER and is just so romantic and beautiful I cannot even stand it. The ending makes me cry every time I watch it!

If you were to be stranded in a desert island, what are three things you would want with you?

Well, first of all, a never-ending supply of Blood Substitute, seeing as I can't live without the stuff. (I mean, just read Night School and you'll see how bad it gets when I'm denied!) In addition to that, I'd want a fully packed iPod so I could while away the boring hours listening to my favorite tunes. And lastly, a mega bottle of SPF 50 sunscreen. Cause despite what my beach-bum vampire boyfriend Jareth seems to think, vampires should so not tan.

It's been awhile since Sunny got bitten by Magnus, do you still have 'bad blood' about it?

Meh. I'm totally over it. Magnus is way more her type anyway. If I'd gotten stuck with him, I'd never have met Jareth! Of course I would also be a full-fledged vampire, complete with real superpowers, but I'd be forced to sleep all day and not go out into the sun. The fact Jareth and I can go out in the daytime, unlike the other vamps, is kind of awesome and really comes in handy at times. So yeah, Sunny's forgiven. :)

How are you and Jareth doing?

He's kind of annoyed with me 'cause I still refuse to drink real blood and he says my lack of anger management skills should land me in vampire rehab. But whatevs. I know he loves me at the end of the day, which is good. Cause I have to admit, sometimes I'm not easy to get along with.

How is Sunny?

She's freaking out! I mean, imagine if your parents suddenly sat you down and told you that you were descended from fairies. Not only that--but you're next in line for the Light Court throne! Poor Sun. All she wants to do is to live a normal life. But that's just not in the cards for us. At least this time it's my parents' fault, not mine. I'm sick of being blamed for all the supernatural stuff in our lives.

You had to become a cheerleader for an assignment once, would you ever do it again?

I never quit! I still cheer for the Wolves! I took a hiatus recently to head to Vegas to see our Dad and help save the Blood Coven from an evil imposter, but once I get back to Oakridge High, I'm so back on the team. I know it probably seems weird--Goth girl cheerleader, etc. But to be honest, it's kind of fun. And all the jumping around makes my calves look really good in my Doc Marten boots.

If you had to pick one fictional character from any book to go to a rave with, who would it be?

Ooh, good question! Hmm. I'd probably pick Eve from the Morganville Vampire Series. She's a total Goth girl like me and so much fun! I love her witty humor and snarky comebacks. We'd make a great team, she and I. Plus, maybe she'd let me borrow some of her clothes.

Thank you, Rayne, for dropping in today, and with those fantastic answers! If you guys haven't yet, make sure you pick up the 5th book in the Blood Coven series, Night School!

But first, Rayne has been kind enough to offer a giveaway for a finished copy of Night School to one lucky winner! To enter, just fill out THIS form. Contest is US only and ends January 2.


  1. I like Sunny better, but this was still a good interview with Rayne. Thanks for the chance to win Night School.

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    It's been on my laptop for a while now, but didn't have the time to see it.
    I think i'll see it after new year , and i hope i like it just like you did. :D

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    I follow on GFC.

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