Friday, April 8, 2011

Author Top Ten List: Jennifer Archer

Here today is the wonderful Jennifer Archer, author of Through Her Eyes. And considering that her book is a gorgeously woven ghost story, what better way to celebrate it's release than to talk about the Top Ten Things To Do As A Ghost! So Jennifer.... Bring it on!

10. Visit music studios where my favorite artists are recording and sit in on the sessions.

9. Whisper sweet words in all of my loved ones’ ears while they sleep. I would watch their lives unfold. When they were happy, I would be joyous. When they were sad, I would comfort them in small ways – perhaps with scents and sounds and reminders of memories that I know they’d enjoy.

8. Rest inside the pearly pink curve of a conch shell.

7. Fly through the clouds and squeeze through the eye of a needle.

6. Play a few harmless pranks on mean people and freak them out a little!

5. Go to every city, town, and country I’ve ever wanted to visit.

4. Use my spirit energy to motivate people who are feeling hopeless to help themselves. If I had any ideas of how they might solve whatever is bothering them, I would find a way to lead them to the solution – whisper it in their ear or put a piece of information in places they would find it until the message finally got through.

3. Play cupid! And simply bring people together who could become friends. I could use my spirit energy to move lonely people toward one another so that they can meet and no longer be alone.

2, Haunt a beautiful old seaside hotel until I get bored, then haunt a great old library – perhaps the New York Public Library – and read until my spirit heart is content! Then I would haunt a theater on Broadway for awhile.

1. Ride the wind wherever it takes me.

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Make sure you guys check out Through Her Eyes, and is there anything you'd do as a ghost?


  1. I just visited Kindle store and downloaded the sample of the book.
    I LOVE your poetic writing style, Jennifer! Looking forward to enjoy the whole novel now.
    Thank you very much,

    ~ Sorilla

  2. Fans of JENNIFER ARCHER will be entralled by my NYT Bestselling novel, DAWN. Here is an ekkserpt:

    His eye shone so bright like a flashlight in his hands that are cold because he is a vampire even though I don't think he is. I am returned to the time when I thought I loved Yakob but I don't cause I love Lukas but not really because I sayed no. The moon is so bright it howls like me and I saw my destiny right there. Yakob's soul started to called my name and I yearn. I look Yakobs eyes and sayed to him, 'Why betray me,' and walk back to home to Lukas because we have love.

    Teisha Little, NYT Bestselling Author

  3. Thanks for the compliment, Sorilla! I hope you enjoy Through Her Eyes. Let me know what you think!