Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mini Reviews: Anna Dressed in Blood and Imaginary Girls

Well, it's that time again. Gushing mini reviews for some upcoming books that I'm holding on to the full reviews for till closer to their releases. I love both of these books so freaking much it's possibly bordering on creepy. But they are just that amazing. Trust me.

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake: This book is freaking AMAZING. A top book of 2011 easily, and definitely a top ten ever kind of book. The worldbuilding is SO well done, and so smooth that you don’t even know it’s happening. The story itself is just so brilliant. Completely intricate and unpredictable and nonstop, and beautifully put together and both creepy and emotional and just absolutely amazing. I seriously love Cas.I want him. He's now in my Boy Closet and claimed. He’s such a great lead, both as a character and romantically. He doesn’t come off as being written just to make girls swoon and yet, I fell hard for him. It’s a gradual fall though, happening before I even realized it. His character is so well put together, so fleshed out, just so fantastically done. And the writing is astounding, full of voice but still poignant and easy to read. The descriptions create everything vividly and perfectly while still letting the reader fill details in and it’s just… amazing. And Kendare actually uses the word kerfuffle. You have no idea how much more I love her for that. This is one that made me incoherent with my love of it, and unable to handle just how completely awesome and phenomenal this book is. Everyone needs to read it, whether they are big on ghosts or not. I cannot get over my love (obsession) with this book.

Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma: I'm not sure there are enough words to describe what this book did to me, how I felt about it, how it captivated me and entranced me. Oh, there you go. Those words. Because Imaginary Girls is just astounding. From the mystery that makes no sense until it's revealed and then everything clicks and yet you're left with this feeling of oh my god did that just happen to the phenomenal characterization and intricacies that are so deep into this book that I don't think I even really got half of them... it's just brilliant and basically perfect for me. Dark at times, comedic relief at others... pulling in it's own mythologies and motivations and explanations... a very strong contemporary component mixed with just enough supernatural to hit hard on both fronts... and absolutely stunning and exquisite writing. It pulls you in from the start, fires the characters to life, and pulls the reader in. I practically felt like the writing and emotional atmosphere of this was pulling me into it's arms and cradling me, never letting go the whole time. It's... amazing. And blew my mind. And left me astounded and flabbergasted  and incoherent. Get this one. Devour it. Love it.


  1. I just got Anna this week and IG at TLA...geez. I need to read a lot faster! Lol


  2. Great mini reviews! I've been hearing mixed praise on Imaginary Girls. I guess I'll just have to check it out to really see what it's live.

    Btw, I love the eeriness of your blog. The dark color scheme is to die for. You became an instant follow. I'd love if you dropped by my blog too! It's quite new, and any advice would be great too!

    - Cory @ Anti-Drug Reads

  3. I want to read both of these soo bad!! Thanks for the mini reviews!! =)

  4. Ooh, now I REALLY want to read Anna Dressed in Blood! Great mini reviews. =D