Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guest Post: K. Ryer Breese

Here today I have the funny and awesome K. Ryer Breese, debut author of Future Imperfect. Hitting on both some rough issues and adding a supernatural kind of twist, this is definitely one you don't want to miss!

What was your favorite book at ages 5, 10, 15 and 20? Looking at what's been released in the last few years, would any of your favorites change?

At age 5 it was definitely a book called RATSMAGIC by Christopher Logue and Wayne Anderson. A very strange, slight book.

At 10, probably comic books. I was obsessed with THE NEW MUTANTS around then. Mostly for Bill Sienkiewicz's bold and wonderful artwork.

15 definitely Paul Theroux's O-ZONE. He's better known as a travel writer and this was his one sci fi novel.

And at 20 I was head over heels for Phillippe Djian's 37.2 LE MATIN. I read it in English as BETTY BLUE. It's the story of a doomed romance between a young man and a mentally unbalanced woman. The film version, by Jean-Jacques Beineix, really captures the wild emotional swings of the novel. (A note of caution: the film is very explicit.)

I've read a lot of amazing books in the past few years. Many that were around during my formative years but that I'd never heard of or just passed over. My favorite author is Russell Hoban. I'd read his stuff and been amazed by it in high school but only recently found myself tracking down all of his more recent (and equally visionary) novels. A few of the authors I've been following most recently: Nathaniel Minton, Karen Russell, Brian Francis Slattery, and Mark Richard.

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