Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Character Interview: Celeste from Frost by Marianna Baer

I have to admit, today's character interview is one of my favorites that I've done. So without further intro, I bring you guys Celeste Lazar from Marianna Baer's Frost!

Hi Kari! Not sure who you are or why you sent me these questions. That stalker ex-boyfriend of mine didn’t put you up to it, did he? Or someone in the Dean’s office? Anyway, here you go – Celeste Lazar in her own words.

Have you always been close with your brother? What's your best memory with him?

What are you, my shrink? That’s what they always ask about – me and David. Like there’s something deviant about our relationship. (Or like they want there to be something deviant…) Anyway, I guess we’ve always been close, if you count periods of intense hatred as being close in a certain way. It drives me crazy when he channels his worry about our father into worrying about me. Sometimes it seems totally sexist. No way would he be this protective if I were a guy.

My best memory of him is one time when our father was having a really bad episode, and our mother was freaking out, and David knew that I was trying to finish this dress I was sewing that I wanted to wear to this thing, and he biked – he was 15, I think – he biked something like 100 miles (maybe not quite) to get me this special fabric I couldn’t find nearby. That was pretty damn sweet.

What is the hardest part about rooming with Leena?

God, I just hate having someone watching me. I see it in her eyes: I concern her. I know she means well – Leena’s definitely not an asshole, like some of the people at Barcroft. But I don’t need her asking if I ate dinner (I know she thinks I’m too thin) or whatever. She’s just like David!

Also, I have to say, it’s pretty annoying that she won’t admit the house we’re living in is oozing with bad juju. Aside from the fact it’s probably a deathtrap – hasn’t Barcroft ever heard of safety codes? – it’s just freaky. And all Leena can talk about is how pretty the windows are and how cool the bathtub is. Hello? Wake up and smell the dead animal in the walls!

So... what exactly is the story behind the cockroach picture?

Another thing a shrink would ask! You know, sometimes a cockroach is just a cockroach… ;) No, but seriously, it’s part of a series that’s trying to make the viewer reconsider beauty. Like, most people would say my face is beautiful, right? But have you ever looked, really looked, at how delicate and beautifully constructed an insect is? They’re amazing. In the photo hanging in our room, the beetle (it’s actually an elephant stag beetle, not a cockroach) emerges from my mouth and does a dance with the ribbon. I was thinking that it was representative of a true beauty that had been incubated inside me, that finally emerged once I died. Something far more refined and elegant than my human form. (Although, as far as human forms go, I will admit that mine is pretty refined and elegant.)

What's it like to kiss Whip?

He’s got those thin-ass lips, so I didn’t have high hopes, but the boy is surprisingly facile with what he was given! And he takes direction well. I like that. I need to be with a guy who’ll do what I tell him.

Boxers or Briefs?

Thong. (Kidding! God, you really do think I’m weird, don’t you?)

What kind of cookie would you describe yourself as?

A spicy gingersnap covered in a layer of the deepest, darkest chocolate.

So, have I given you enough juicy stuff to analyze?

Thank you, Celeste, for answering my questions... however annoying they may have been.

Congrats, Marianna, on the release!

Make sure you guys all check out Frost! It's creepy and awesome, and admit it, you want to know more about Celeste now!


  1. I normally don't read creepy books (b/c I'm a chicken), but this interview raised my interest...I might have to check it out and sleep with the lights on :)

  2. Hahaha.. okay, this just made me want to read this book 10x more now. She sounds like just the kind of "crazy" I like. lol

  3. I just came across this author today! It was an absolute pleasure too! The cover is AMAZING, it's what first took me straight to her!!

  4. Very cute character interview! I love Celeste's voice. Just might have to check out Frost now!