Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meet the Characters + Contest: Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey

You guys all know how much I love doing character interviews, but I have to admit, today's is one of my favorite. I didn't get to ask just one, but pretty much the entire cast of Scott Tracey's great debut Witch Eyes! And seriously, these answers are awesome, and the personalities you get from them definitely match what you see in the book right down to the humor and snark. So check it out, because you don't want to miss.

You find Narnia in your closet! What do you do?

Braden: Bolt the door shut. I'm not a fan of ice queens.

Uncle John: Ground my nephew for opening portals to other worlds. Again.

Riley: You had me at exclusive first peek of a whole new world....wait, you didn't say that? Oh, sorry. But seriously, stop and smell the byline, people. 

Trey: Kill it with fire. 

Braden:'s a place, not an 'it.'

Trey: Kill it with fire.

Describe your perfect first kiss.

Jade: A lady never kisses and tells.

Braden: What she said.

Riley: What do you mean, never kisses and tells? Pfft. Expertly backlit with just a hint of gold, probably at sunset or another thematically interesting time. Maybe posed against the sky at sunset, so long as our outfits don't clash. If you want to get on the front page of the Local page, you need good composition, so location is important. Shot by something better than the 10 year old Nikon the photographer from the paper uses.....what?

Trey: I don't have to, seeing as how my sister decided to film it and post it on the internet once upon a time.

Jade: *smiles, preens*

Lucien: with another person?

Which Death Eater, besides Voldemort, would you want to fight?

Trey: All of them. But that werewolf, especially.

Drew: That was my answer! Except not the werewolf part. I think that's racist.

Lucien: Fight? Aren't you precious. Aside from their rather obvious sartorial choices, it's clear that one thing the Death Eaters need help with is their legal issues.

Trey: Are we sure Drew's not a Death Eater? We should kill it with fire just to be sure.

Drew: ...

Who is your celebrity crush? 

Jade: It's not a crush, it's an inevitability. Prince Harry. I mean, I look stunning in royal jewels.

Riley: If I say Anderson Cooper, you're probably going to look at me funny, aren't you?

Lucien: This is the strangest deposition I've ever given.

Drew: Who wouldn't be crushing on me?

Everyone else: That's not what they asked, Drew.

The Platinum Cake, full details here
What kind of cake would you describe yourself as?

Braden: I don't know, red velvet cake? 

Riley: Actually, I like pie. Can that be an option?

Catherine: The Platinum Cake.

Jason: Cake is an extra two hours with my personal trainer. That's time better spent working. 

Drew : Beefcake, of course. 

Everyone else: *groan* 

Thank you, Scott, for sharing your characters, and congrats on the release!

Witch Eyes is officially out today, so make sure you guys all pick it up so you can get even more of these hilarious and awesome characters!

But if you're willing to wait, now is your chance to enter to win a copy of the book.

To enter, just fill out THIS form.

Contest is US/Can only, and ends September 15.

No entries will be accepted through comments, but you should still leave a comment for Scott and his characters.


  1. I love the answers - it makes me want to read the book then come back here and read the post again. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway sounds like a great read!

  3. Great answers! I especially liked the beefcake answer.