Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Character Interview: Jake from Saving June

Stopping in today is Jake, one of the characters from Hannah Harrington's (awesome) debut Saving June. I definitely loved getting to know this boy in the book, and I bet you will too.

When you heard the news about June, what was your first thought?

I think it took a few days before I had any coherent thoughts. I can’t really describe what I was thinking and feeling—it was too much and all at once to sort out.

Would you have preferred the road trip to be only you and Harper, or were you glad Laney came along?

At first I was... less than thrilled to be trapped in a vehicle with both of them. But even though Laney got on my nerves sometimes, I was glad to have her there. She knew how to handle Harper. I don't think Harper could've done it at all without Laney, to be honest. Plus, Laney... she's an all right girl. Or whatever.

If you could have met Harper while June was still alive, do you think you still would have fallen for her?

I don't really believe in the whole fate thing, but yeah. I think it would've happened no matter what. It's just one of those things.

What's it like to kiss Harper?

Like listening to your favorite song in the world for the first time, every time. And by that I mean: beyond words.

Boxers or briefs?

I'm a boxers guy. Especially ones with cartoons on them.

What kind of cookie would you describe yourself as?

Something with coconut in it. People love me or hate me. Sometimes both at the same time.

Thank you, Jake, and congrats to Hannah on the release! Make sure you guys check out Saving June, hitting shelves TODAY! You do not want to miss this book!


  1. I really have to read this soon I've heard nothing but wonderful things about it!

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  2. I always love reading character interviews/posts because you can really get a sense of who they are and what their voice is like. And especially with a book that sounds as heartbreaking as this one, I'm definitely interested in how these characters will be dealing with their grief. Thanks for sharing this one!