Thursday, November 10, 2011

WANTED: A Cover, A Contest, And More

Coming tomorrow is the cover reveal for Heidi Ayarbe's 2012 book WANTED, a great book with a little Bonnie & Clyde element to it. But instead of just throwing the cover up, we're making this one a bit more interesting. Today you find out what Heidi, Girls in the Stacks and I all want. Tomorrow, you get the cover and tell us what YOU want.

And so... now:

Yep. Toby was caught red handed in his destruction. My shoe. A review book. An envelope with another review book. So with that.... WANTED: A Good Dog. Or, my stuff back. Either one. Don't let that face fool you, either. Nope. This criminal is totally devious.

So come back tomorrow, because you'll have the chance to upload your own Wanted poster, enter for a chance to win a signed ARC, and more!


  1. Oh me gawd, Toby is adorable!!! Personally, I think he was *framed* and the real culprit is still on the loose lol ;D

  2. How can you stay mad at that cutie pie? My little chewer likes my flip flops too. ;-)